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Open our inner eyes,

That sin won’t take us by surprise…

That we may see

What comes from Thee,

And evil, although disguised!

Open our spiritual ken,

To want You not just now and then…

But seek every day

Your excellent way,

Through the Spirit Whom thou hast sent.

Open our eyes to discerning,

Your will in the midst of learning…

Instill fear

When You are not near,

Increase for Your wisdom, our yearning!

–Jonathan Caswell


Enigma within Christian faith,

Keeping “short accounts” being safe…

Living holy lives

By spiritual eyes,

Not the purview of apes!

Self effort has nil effect,

But the One Way through Christ accept…

To each other confess–

Pray to God, He’ll address–

But self pride for confession God rejects.

Security through faith, says Paul,

When law is removed Christ is all…

Act by Christ’s love–

God’s hand in your glove–

Walking more and more by Spirit’s call.

Spend much more time with Father, Son,

LiveĀ in the Spirit–three in One…

Bible study and frequent prayer

The tools to travel there,

To live in grace, “Thy will be done!”

–Jonathan Caswell


Praying this Inauguration,

Will not see major conflagration…


Festivities miss,

Stifling their strange indignation.—AMEN!

–Jonathan Caswell


For prophesy he’s always prayed,

To speak God’s words unafraid…

Speaking in tongues

On lower rungs,

But that’s an assumption he’s made.

Any and all gifts present,

Used by the Spirit’s presence…

Confirm that He

Is Deity,

Of God–His very essence!

Why many stop at one,

When many gifts are more fun…

The Lord God chooses

Whomever He uses,

Often using more than one!

Was he confirmed a prophet,

Does that do him any profit…?

Better unaware

So ego won’t share,

All credit to God, who can stop it!

Don’t stop using me Lord,

Keep me from the untoward…

Put in my mind

The excellent kind,

Of thought from Thy word!

Jonathan Caswell


The Light in our darkened souls,

Shines out from various holes…

It takes our will

To brighten it still,

A twenty-four hour goal.

Shepherds chose to obey,

After angelic display…

Wise men with long time

Goals were aligned,

Justified meeting the Babe.

A Spirit candle in thee,

By faith illuminousity…

Cutting the dark

Toward the mercy seat ark,

Following toward sanctity!

–Jonathan Caswell





Come see this hashtag,

The diabetic drag…

A guy ignores

Blood sugar chores,

Until the body bag!

Seeing it as a hassle,

He’ll often barely wrastle…


His loved ones see,

About which he cares not a passel!

This problem with his brain,

Diabetes affects the sane…

Sugar bath lowered

His brain wants more,

Fights against any blood sugar drain!

It figures that men,

Are hardest to rein in again…

Independence, Pride,

Churn deep inside

We expect others to attend (to us).

–Jonathan Caswell

(Who also is a Type 2 diabetic…and struggles!)


Our finances were a mess,

We told several people I guess…

Asked them to pray

We’d find our way,

And would inform them of progress.

Willing to go through

Whatever the Lord would do…

Waiting on Him

Was more than a whim,

We had faith in what He would do!

Went out to clean off the car,

Found a hundred-note there…

Dropped my cane

But thanks I’ll exclaim,

For whoever put it there!

Now to divide,

Oh Lord help me decide…


And medicine,

And soft food for my wife’s insides!

It’s possible to arrange,

An auto oil change…

Praise the Lord

For courage restored,

And removal of our angst!

–Jonathan Caswell