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Opposites do attract,

that is an established fact…

Husband and wife

And friends in strife,

Each the other impacts!

There are opposites in different ways,

Political/theological –that thought stays…

How you brush your teeth

Or things bequeath,

As life on relationship plays!

I think there’s a definite feeling,

Committment despite the revealing…

Of factors dividing

A friendship’s exciting,

In the give and take of their dealings.

You’re right–I’m a romantic fool,

Still in the “hard knocks ” school…

Loyalty transcends

What would keep us from being friends,

Knowing you—is SOO COOL!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

DEDICATED TO…”holly” and others!



Nearly TWO buckets of fruit,

the wife is resolute…

The recipe

From her family,

She’ll be in hot pursuit!

Actually her Aunt did,

Mail her a copy forthwith…

I asked her to find

the one from my line,

Comparison is a good gift!

Cleaned up the garden today,

I helped throw the old plants away…

Our zucchini didn’t bear

Any fruit that we’re aware,

Just flowers but nothing  to save.

–Jonathan Caswell



When winds of life knock me down,

The Comforter is around…

This Holy Spirit

Encourages me to sit,

Close to Jesus on His throne.

Christ lifts me onto His Daddy’s lap,

Where if I want, I take a nap….

So secure

I will endure,

Helps me face what’s next on tap!

–Jonathan Caswell



Howbeit a man,

Explaining how best he can…

Techniques using clothes

To camouflage those,

Two parts that entice a man?

What I’ve  in fashion blogs learned,

Is that certain strategies discerned….

Are mighty effective

Distracting deceptive,

Respect in their eyes earned!

Denying men their prayers,

Dress in effective layers…

A blazer disrupts

Sight down and up,

Hiding those detail betrayers!

Mesmerizing pattern on dresses,


Shape and size

Of what man’s eyes,

Like about these dresses.

Better irregular colors,

Make observing eyes dullard…

Takes the whole dress

His attention arrest,

Focus is somewhat cluttered!

Looser blouses suggest,

Mystery that’s best…

Wear them tight

And you’ve no right

to complain about his interest!

Cardigan and ponchos in layers,

Are also good girl watcher slayers…

Not sure where

“You are” in there,

Less interesting then, for stares!

If she “goes without”

Be certain nothing pokes out…

Wear a T shirt

As a liner won’t hurt,

Or with heavier fabric, no doubt!

–Jonathan Caswell









Pablo a Fairlawn , P.T.,

Directing my therapy…


And thus stated

What is the best for me.

Soft-spoken with twinkling eyes,

Dry humor perfect for guys…

A stern positive

Outlook he gives,

Urging the client to try.

Correcting an attendance hole,

Always stays in control…


Suggests simply

Get to sessions–the  goal!

Isn’t affronted by touch,

Shaky clients may need it much…

Steadies and spots–

Appreciated lots–

Avoids becoming their crutch!

Measures output and need,

To conserve resources by speed…

Slowing down

Feel the muscle tone,

Built up by measured deed.

Patient with us of poor hearing,

His lingo soft and endearing…

Willingly repeats

What I didn’t get,

Does his own form of cheering.

Focuses intently

On the client–that’s me–

Willingly helps

At the smallest yelps,

Does his job graciously.

–Jonathan Caswell,

Poet and P.T. client.



He fell that nervous itch,

An unapproved message twitch…


Of excoriation,

From a condemnation they’ve stitched!

‘Though lately it’s been all joy,

Thanking him for his redeploy…

Of their posting–

Graciously hosting

It again, without being coy!

–Jonathan Caswell



Apparently not all the same,

Galumpkis worthy of the name…

May be layered

with exquisite care,

Let’s trust it tastes “the same”!

Parboiled cabbage leaves

Surround meat and rice dutifully…

Ground meat

With rice complete

Adding spices beautifully!

some add tomato sauce,

Not as thick as spaghetti, of course…

Succulent juices

are never useless

Over mashed potato–starch source!

Reminds me of a youthful story,

cousin Suzie and I in our glory..

finished off a whole bowl

Of galumpki and potato,

Hungry teens–that’s my story!

–Jonathan Caswell