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Opposites do attract,

that is an established fact…

Husband and wife

And friends in strife,

Each the other impacts!

There are opposites in different ways,

Political/theological –that thought stays…

How you brush your teeth

Or things bequeath,

As life on relationship plays!

I think there’s a definite feeling,

Committment despite the revealing…

Of factors dividing

A friendship’s exciting,

In the give and take of their dealings.

You’re right–I’m a romantic fool,

Still in the “hard knocks ” school…

Loyalty transcends

What would keep us from being friends,

Knowing you—is SOO COOL!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

DEDICATED TO…”holly” and others!


A popular color is “nude”.

Depends on your attitude…

A tan-like beige,

It is the rage,

While others think it should be viewed!

Looking good in the street,

Clothes this color are sweet…

When one is home

And all alone,

THEN accomplish the feat!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Is this too much?)


(No Ti-for-Tat…)

Twenty-eight years we’re married,

A lot of water we’ve carried…

Some Tit-for-Tat

De-emphasize that,

When God’s love through each ferried.

Nobody’s perfect (How New!)

But struggle obedience through…

Channels we be

Put aside me,

Letting God’s Spirit shine through!

Nobody’s perfect (We see!)

Except the One Who saved eternally..

All who believe

And His love receive,

Lord who calls the shots is He!

Each needs to on their own,

Listen to God to find home…

Three-legged races–

Both in the traces

Flesh of flesh and bone of bone…!

One flesh but still two minds,

Seeking oneness in all kinds…

Bound in Christ

Three-fold supplies,

A life line to throw and rewind.

–Jonathan E. Caswell





Buying a sandwich for me,

With leftovers possibly…

Showing care

With her I’ll share,

Remembering her food allergies!

–Jonathan Caswell



My wife and I don’t share

The same values pictured here…

Both Christians, I know

But I RARELY show

Blog content that she’d judge “unfair”

(In my view).

Tonight I read to her

A poem about what  yesterday occurred…

An anniversary where

I was mostly not there,

I don’t want my blog  “censored”!

It may not be kind, but it’s me,

With a  certain privacy…

My self-limits are formal

In what for me is normal,

Not hers but  MY personality!

–Jonathan Caswell


Twenty-eight years in a row,

Rarely (but sometimes) said “no”…

Learning lessons

By Spirit suggestions,

Bringing comfort when we were laid low.

Never easy to live

And share when we’re told to give…

It up for the other–

Why bother,

When together we face so much grief?

Bound by love we are,

Dealing with “crankies” just part…

Of total realm–

God at the helm—

When we trust Him that far.

Not instantly this “one flesh”,

Taking years learning to mesh…

If in the end

We are friends,

We praise God for His wisdom cached.


–Jonathan Caswell


Is it okay to marry for looks,

Are hot spouses allowed in your books…

Beautiful babes

Just one of the aids,

To find that partner who cooks.

Find one in the Lord,

For a lifetime you’ll not be bored…

Practical matters

And spiritual factors

All must come on board!

–Jonathan Caswell

Read portions from SONG OF SOLOMON…and Proverbs 31.