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Praise to you, God Most High,

For hearing prayer on the fly…

And your delight

Being quiet in your Sight,

Bringing us into your Light.

You would talk with us,

Yet we put up the fuss…

Ne’er slowing down

Nor coming around,

In ways that are not just!

Walking with your children in gardens,

Seeing our eyes at Thee widen…

drying our tears

and calming our fears,

Joy at mutual abiding!

We don’t model for kids,

the closeness and joy you give…

But stay away–

Asking others pray–

Misunderstanding God’s writ.

Pray for me, said like Simon,*

The sorcerer on his own ladder climbing…

Unwilling to claim

Given to him in God’s name,

What Christ, without his help, did buy for him!

–Jonathan Caswell

  •  Simon the Sorcerer…see  The Book of the Acts of the Apostles (or  simply…”ACTS”)  8:9-24.


(See Matthew 6:30, and surrounding verses)

Fine figures and fashions

Ignite our human passions…

Clothes fitting right

A welcome sight,

On any social occasion!

Yet the human soul

Doesn’t need clothes to be whole…

If you think “nude”

Understanding is skewed,

Our coverings need not be droll!

Whom are you depending on?

On this side or the other of the “pond”…

The Lord Most High

Is “my guy”,

The Christ is the One.

Whom do you serve,

Bob Dylan observed…

That all flesh

With the Devil will mesh,

Unless God is served.

Focus on God through others,

Unbelievers are sisters and brothers…

All in God’s image made

Their sin price He paid,

Why their chances to know God we smother?

All men (humans) are like grass,*

how quickly a life will pass…

See Christ today–

Don’t walk away–

Who knows when one breathes their last?


==Jonathan Caswell

*Isaiah 40: 5-8



Anything , anyone,

That has your focus becomes

An idol worshipped

Your God-focus slipped,

No matter how good it becomes!

Fight the good fight of faith,

Focus only on god to be safe…

Bible study time

Give you Christ’s mind,

Which no one from you can take!

God Most High is a jealous God,

He doesn’t want your leftover odd…

Bits of time

He can’t rely on,

You to honor Him as God.

God wants all of us,

Every part of our life without fuss…

You fight God

When His way you’ve barred,

And not obeying Him thus!

Be not like Those who died

In the desert because of their pride…

To the Father submit–

Allow his Spirit,

To enter before a joy-filled life’s ride!

–Jonathan Caswell



My Dad stood staring

At the headlight close at hand…

Shining through the rear coach door,

I didn’t understand.

As Mom told me later,

He was facing down his fears…

Of being run over by a train

When he was but eight years.

The car his Dad was driving

Became a crumpled heap…

The sight of the headlight overhead

In the mist he buried deep.

His Dad was killed outright

While he was hurt bad

Taking months of recovery

That awful memory he had!

I didn’t realize on excursion runs

With steam he would stand there so…

Facing down his deepest fear

And telling it to go!

–Jonathan Caswell



The Day of Pentecost, fifty days …
The Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension held on the seventh Sunday after Easter.  (Easter + 49 days)
It is said the church was born that day;
The Holy Spirit came and truth revealed.
We were called make disciples of the way;
The power of God’s love won’t be concealed.
A sound of wind from heaven did arrive,
Its resounding roar flooded the place.
Tongues of fire brought the church alive,
And to this day reveals mercy and grace.
A holy fire that brought the church alive,
Did set early Christian heart to yearning.
Down through the ages the church strives;
The Holy Spirit keeping God’s fire burning.
I ask do we still hear the Spirit’s wind.
And are our hearts really still yearning?
Or do we ignore our most trusted friend?
In our hearts is the holy fire still burning?
Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 May 2017


Older guys by rights

Ought to narrow their sights…

The more mature

Thrill men for sure,

And fathers less likely to knock out your lights!


Feature image courtesy Demi Monde.


The Lily of the Valley came,

So many people would besmirch His name…

Willingly He died

For sin was crucified,

Once for all time was killed and maimed.

Jesus Christ was unrecognized,

Some who did hatefully shut their eyes…

No difference today

When bigots look away,

Claiming it’s the Christ who told them lies!

Disciple of Christ, choose today,

Will you follow Christ or what men say…?

Men and women rise

To meet in Paradise,

Even if by death, by friends betrayed!

Social bullies replace Nero’s torches,

False news rumors published are hot scorches…

Christ was not immune

To what folks assumed,

Will you join Him or the devil’s forces?

Stand up now, defending Mike Pence’s honor,

If we don’t soon we’ll be the goner…

Evil ranges ’round

Looking for unsound,

Believers ignoring God will be no stronger!

–Jonathan Caswell


Open our inner eyes,

That sin won’t take us by surprise…

That we may see

What comes from Thee,

And evil, although disguised!

Open our spiritual ken,

To want You not just now and then…

But seek every day

Your excellent way,

Through the Spirit Whom thou hast sent.

Open our eyes to discerning,

Your will in the midst of learning…

Instill fear

When You are not near,

Increase for Your wisdom, our yearning!

–Jonathan Caswell


Preachers and late night talk hosts,

Point to looming sign posts…

Of signs seen

Not someone’s dream,

Events that should concern us most!

Political chicanery,

Shadow governments that may be…

Technological advances

Lessening chances,

Keeping our liberty.

Ongoing discussion from where,

Antichrist comes and appears…

Europeans tend

Toward revived Roman trends,

Toward the Middle East another group steers.

The Rapture will take some away,

Skeptics scoff at that play…

Lack of belief

Their objection chief,

But for it Christ’s believers stay.

Some see parallel signs

‘Tween Muslim and Christian designs…

Christ’s Deity

Muslims won’t agree,

Their Antichrist says the Bible lied.

So much depends on how treated,

Betrayal leads to hostility meted…

Christ-believers love

And called to let God prove,

That the Lord of All won’t be defeated.

–Jonathan Caswell

THE OPINIONS, theological and otherwise are the author’s own, except for the differences between the Muslim and Christian faiths, which have been openly discussed elsewhere, as well as their differences in end times scenarios, Technology advances in surveillance and the specter of shadow governments have indeed been discussed on late-night radio.


Hebrew bloggers always seem to say,

Blessed Shabbat on this Friday…

Some were quite open,

Others quiet–hoping–

Messiah comes today.

This gentile greatly respects,

The people who put out their necks…

Every conflict

Jews contradict

Anything man’s wisdom may display!

The Lord and His people are not through

With each other–thought you knew–

The Lord will return–

For Him their hearts will burn,

The beginning of the end of time come to fruit?

–Jonathan Caswell