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(A social-political post of opinion)

That Kathy “comedian” jerk,

Loses a little work…


She’s held apart,

But no liberals would DARE make it hurt.

So one Christmas gig,

Is denied her–she won’t care a fig…

A bloody stage prop

For which she should drop

As a hate crime—she just “reneges!

Tearful crocodile tears,

Are nothing to her peers…

Who secretly

Wish it could be

And that’s what the few decent ones fear!

Americans always have hate

When their “horse” fails to relate…

To reality

With efforts crappy,

“Progressives” think THEY run fate!

It’s my opinion–true–

What evidence to convince you?

They’re calling our bluff–

HAVE WE had enough..

Or will the law knuckle under too?

–Jonathan Caswell

(You need not always agree,

to show human decency…

She and cohorts

Need time in court,

For prison, preferably!

Terrorists overseas

Have nothing on this hate disease…

Forgive not yet

Nor should we forget,

Progressive’s hateful acts like these!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

Now see—it is possible to express disgust without actual or simulated decapitation!  🙂



This poem is based in part on a late night radio discussion related to the SOKAL AFFAIR…a literary hoax perpetrated in 1996, by Alan Sokal, a physics professor at New York University and University College London.  He essentially produced a “scholarly” paper, submitted and accepted by a peer review professional journal…that was essentially a total farce, with big words and phrases meaning nothing and saying nothing—and nobody caught it or the joke!—Information via WIKIPEDIA.

The program on late night radio was on the Buck Sexton Radio program, heard on WTAG, 580 AM AND 94.9 FM..(I-HEART Radio).  or at  Two other men tried a similar stunt…which was similarly unquestioningly received…even by a certain very recent former President.

Anyway…my opinion of these scholarly attempts to wake people up:


Two academics decided,

The SOKAL AFFAIR, to retry it…

They thought the echelon

Would soon catch on,

To the foolish words and not buy it.

Alas, they were amazed,

When the stupid thing was praised…

No one claimed to see

Its tomfoolery,

And no objections were raised!

Alas, poor academia,

Write crap–you think it love–


As truth they took,

On which none suspected of…!

The authors, on Buck Sexton’s show,

Said academia scored very low…

Feeding such junk

To students who sunk

Under such high=priced foolishness—low!

It troubles me that they tried,

With hopes of opening eyes…

Weren’t they aware

That complicity there,

Had already stagnified?

Embarrassing people is the same

As a liberal calling bad names…

Same vocabulary–

What eye opening–

Wasting time on trite little games?

Truth must come by force,

Changing hearts, not playing horse…

Christ had to die

Be sin crucified,

To change a human soul’s course!

If you sound just like their friend,

Why expect foolishness’ end…

Look act like one

You’re shot before begun,

No matter what you’d intend.

A dirty joke it was,

A lot of people “buzzed”…

Doesn’t help squat

If the whole lot,

Misses the point of the cause!

–Jonathan Caswell,

M.S.E.–Biology, 1983

(for whatever good this is!)


Darkness patrols

Reaching in for souls…

Flaming sword strike

Fighting Night,

God commands self control.

Who with Him will stand

Against worldly demand…

For compromise

And blinding eyes,

To the wretchedness of Man!

Woman from man’s rib,

Males frequently fib….

Questing for power

Trample flowers,

Then deny they did!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sunny, clear and cold,

We celebrate as of old…

A warm embrace

Fingers trace

On skin patterns bold!

Hey–romantic ;love,

Being closer than in a glove…

The day we’re telling

Our heart swelling

Is for our turtle dove!

Presents and cupcakes reign,

Romantic foods by design…

Baubles and things

Give love wings,

Or at least that’s the hoped for sign!

–Jonathan Caswell



Walk on dry pavement

Thinking of the snow to come

Might be calling out

Man’s struggle with drifts

Many legendary tales

Not all of them survived

Walking on pavement

Thinking about fifteen inches

Winter battles come



Jumping. risking much,

Not getting stuck in the clutch…

Breaking free

For love lives in thee,

Jump-starts your spirit so much!

Love comes all shapes and sizes,

In friends as closeness rises….

Not all will

Allow closer still,

Some don’t want surprises!

Given opportunity,

Start out merely friendly…

Speed is scary

And unnecessary,

Relax and let things be!

Jonathan Caswell


On Facebook I’ve been told,

Another guy is so bold…

As to use my face

Claiming my place,

On which so few are sold!

It’s scary, in a way,

An engineer  mentioned today…

No despair wallowed

It’s me he’s followed,

Where my poetry’s displayed.

He gave me the heads up,

And what can I do–not much…!

Be advised–

You “as me” disguised–

My real friends won’t look you up!

Jonathan (the REAL ONE) Caswell


You see her eyes are waiting

For the shoe to drop…

“What will he say awkward today,

He’s unable to stop.

Hear those warning bells

Whenever he stops by…

Here where he dwells—

I have to watch this guy!

He and she were friends,

Friendly, anyway…

Until he shot his mouth off

Pulling away.

What was an enjoyable job,

Became a little riskier…

He is sad when he sees

Her eyes concerned not mistier!



A halo around the moon,

Means that snow is due soon…

Snow drifts descend

Burying us when

We don’t shovel till noon!



A DEATH STAR* on a kid’s wall,

In terms of “dark” ain’t anything at all…

Let’s “talk turkey”

My wife thinks I’m quirky,

‘Cause I think the dark meat’s a ball!

–Jonathan Caswell

*The DEATH STAR, of course, belongs to the Empire–antagonist of The Rebellion,

in the STAR WARS series of movies.