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Maintaining  figure and health,

Is better than much wealth…

A hot blouse and skirt

Worn wouldn’t hurt,

One needn’t show beauty by stealth!

We older–not in our teens–

Make do with our current means…

Elder models are few

Making me blue,

We could use as much direction it seems!

–Jonathan Caswell


Why is this blouse stretched tight,

Because it’s an enticing sight…

Healthier to

Wear a bigger size so,

The look from the side is slight.

There are kits with strips of material,

To make “gap-o-sis” ethereal…

Smooth out gaps

Causing observers play taps,

At the loss of daydream material!

But some will prefer it tight,

And glory in they’re being a sight…

Women will chose

Tight or a little loose,

And for them the style that’s right!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Google Image)


Fashionists show,

The front of themselves (oh NO!)…

Pointing to pins

Jewels and hems,

Now, how does this blouse go?

Women need to see,

Their own bodies as healthy…

Accepting shapes–

Breast and waist–

And yes–sometimes men’s revelry!

Especially, does this fit,

Is it too ornamented, to wit…

Does anything

Show through distracting,

How well it this skirt with it?

–Jonathan Caswell


Lovely jeans so young,

Flaunting their curves is fun…

They’ll flop and fly

By the age I,

Enjoy seeing jeans so young!

How is it girls learn their tush,

Can pose in provocative push…

Body pride

Appreciatively eyed,

Leaves in a comparative rush.

Oh, being young and limber,

Shivering men’s timbers…

There’ll be a time

That this was prime,

In youth’s dying embers!

–Jonathan Caswell


The colors worn by this gal,

Go together well…

Solid colors

With any others

Are a wonderful sell!

Plain light corduroy shows

Wrinkles where the legs go…

A black top

Underemphasizes lots,

But a silhouette…WHOA!

Often plain color on top,

Allows the skirt pattern to POP…

Other way around

Equally sound,

A matching color–sometimes not!

Dress material, as you see,

All patterned or solid naturally…


Bring new sensations.

Usually positively!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sillier questions have run

Through poetry all along…

Do you strike

What you really like,

Or trash to avoid being wrong?

I regularly clean picture files

Of this blog to minimize trials…

Getting too attached

Means most are dispatched,

Keeping only the “vitals”.

What a foolish thing,

To ask a blog following…

I’ll simply trade

Another visual aid,

Though keep this I’m admiring!

–Jonathan Caswell,

Blog Administrator & Poet


Back when they owned a home,

Their woods the homeowner roamed…

Found a large bra

Waiting for a thaw,

Hanging from a branch away from home.

Found a bag-full  ladies’ shoes,

And a PLAYGIRL Mag. well-used….

What evil lurks

In all human works,

What horrible things Man exumes!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sunny, clear and cold,

We celebrate as of old…

A warm embrace

Fingers trace

On skin patterns bold!

Hey–romantic ;love,

Being closer than in a glove…

The day we’re telling

Our heart swelling

Is for our turtle dove!

Presents and cupcakes reign,

Romantic foods by design…

Baubles and things

Give love wings,

Or at least that’s the hoped for sign!

–Jonathan Caswell


Lovely Denise brings the mail,

To Security without fail…

Red fuzzy top short sleeve

Scoop necked with metal relief…

Always the stylish girl!

Simple  yet like a queen,

Metal strips are small but gleem…

With her eyes

No surprise,

A vibrant part of her team!

Camera’s aren’t allowed,

Nor fashion comments out loud…

Denise is a friend

Pleasantries no end,

Steadies when I’m in despond!

–Jonathan Caswell

 Featured image suggests what her simple arrangement  around her sweater’s scoop neck may be a suggestion of!


Janey’s hubby is quite a good guy,

Willing to photograph

Hundreds of “atomicredheads,”

As the blog’s photo staff.

One gal I knew was willing to be

Photographed all of the time…

Or nearly so, to my delight,

I wish I’d not been blind!

Verna somewhere is in someone’s eye,

Posing as cute as can be….

I hope she met the right kind of guy

Who loves her in photography!

–Jonathan Caswell