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Facts are often ignored,

Through mind filtering they’re poured…

That sounds like me


On my faults I’m more likely moored.

Mixed messages when young,

At least back there begun…

My wife’s getting through

About God’s love too,

The Holy Three-in-One!

Often when down I forget,

Summon up that negative “NYET”…

To any kind words

Whether nouns or verbs,

And generally get upset.

Denying thyself literally,

Means the denial of ME…

Self love unknown

Has to be shown,

By males of humanity!

So now here I am

Thinking I’m an “also ran”…

Unwilling partly

To admit there’s potential in me,

‘Though I know–deep down–that I can!

-Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to any and all folks suffering from depression and believing themselves not worth anyone’s attention!)


He should have seen it coming,

The mother with baby boy…

A circle of admiring women

Cooing in joy!

The guard could have stopped her,

Taking baby into plant…

Proud mothers too quick for security

Must be told they can’t!!

He didn’t do any shouting

But waited for her coming back…

The baby and mother disappearing

Because he lost track.!



Depending on someone is scary,

A fact of which he’s wary…

He helps other too

But when they help you,

One is apt to be contrary!

Ego put aside,

Won’t go because of pride…

Accepting help

You feel like a whelp,

With yourself…how can you abide?

Reason says it’s needed,

Reason–not emotion–heeded…

Much better that way,

Your help will stay,

Rather then have patience superceded!

–Jonathan Caswell


We made it to Christmas Eve,

Expectations grieved…

Running on nerves–

My nerves are worse,

But thankful for what we’ve received.

She’s running like a mad clock,

Forcing herself to not stop…

She had the stamps–

Anxiety ramps–

She asked me to do something–POP!

What I needed a stamp to get

Her a puzzle book set…

It’s late

But she’ll wait,

happy I got her something yet.

I get so wrapped up in “me”,

Putting off reality…

Folks I love

Rarely rise above,

My pain–so them I can see!

So I’m here in the loft,

While she takes a moment off…

Guilt at “not doing”

Is  my joy chewing,

Up , when preparations I have scoffed.

–Jonathan Caswell


(A…deep seated convictions poem)

 SEEMS LIKE…it’s happening,

Repeat performance totally..

Someone drops

Him from control stops,

Throwing up hands dejectedly.

His parents controlled his life,

So long it led to strife…

The experiment made–

He failed the grade–

He felt dumped in spite.

Seems that he’s experiencing the same,

Medical/psychological “blame”…

Is thrown his way–

Not willing to play—

Told that his beliefs are lame…!

He hopes to get out from under

Being assigned as a blunder…

They tried controlling

And overthrowing,

‘Cause he wouldn’t smile as much, they wondered?



She found a manuscript today

In a box of my things…

While searching for ornaments

And a plastic church that rings.

She thought I should stay with it,

What I gave up months ago…

My bucket list was fulfilled

Why publish for a big “O”-?

Suppose I could revamp the thing,

Just one more rejected decision…

I must be really incompetent

If my wife has to make up my mind!



Museum operators know,

Summer runs are an easier go…

But many fans dream

Of seeing steam,

In a beautiful landscape of snow!

Oil and grease do freeze,

Getting thicker not flowing with ease…

Crew members do

Catch the “A-CHOO”.

Pass me the tissues, please?

Wet wood and coal are problems,

But running through the bottoms…

Giving great smiles

Make it all worth the while,

Maybe next year’s run, we can top ’em!

–Jonathan Caswell


Maintenance put up the tree,

Near the window we see…

It from outside

A glorious sight,

To be decorated shortly!

Storage tubs on the side,

Hold trinkets to open hearts wide…

Chains and baubles

Releasing troubles

At least For Christmas-tide.

A figure of what we remember

From childhood, late December…

Of family

And times to be,

Many years later remembered!

Monday or later this week,

These baubles uncovered speak…

The Common Room

Shall assume,

The air of Christmas mystique!

–Jonathan E, Caswell


Accused the wife of “smother”,

Just like from his Mother…

His decision ignored

Assumptions toward,

She acted as if his was a bother!

Assumed he hadn’t seen

The end of the show on the screen…

He resented

Being prevented,

From going when HE wanted, was mean.

Snapped at her and relented,

Dragging up Mom was demented…

Left on good terms

He thinks, by good turns,

Troubled by how it’s presented!

Abiding resentment below,

When will the underground blow…

Concerned with

His will to live,

His struggles are bringing him low!

–Jonathan Caswell


EDAVILLE is where one goes,

Riding narrow rails when it snows…

Christmas displays

Along rights of way,

all lit up in lights!

The “North Pole Express” is running,

All over the country by cunning…

Railroad lines

Wanting happier times,

Santa they know is coming!

Look in the papers to see,

Where Christmas trains are running shortly…

It’s worth paying

For children’s playing,

Making positive memory!

–Jonathan Caswell