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Roads are skating rinks,

The wife of safety thinks…

Stay home from church

And encourage,

Me in similar stakes!

So staying up to write,

At least part of this night…


Will soon have won,

I’ll give up and  turn out my light!

(By the number of TYPOS, that may be soon!!!)

–Jonathan Caswell






He rarely attends now,

It’s gone and got diff’rent somehow…

He feels pushed aside

Not welcomed inside,

No one’s been direct with him, anyhow!

They used to go faithfully,

Found the spirit there strong and free…

The Pastor moved on

And a preacher took on

Things with his own personality.

With his circle of friends,

For our subject, being close to a pastor ends…

You know his pride

Didn’t like “outside”

But he wanted to attend.

Then he and his wife

Both saw ill health in life….


With others is sin,

And churned up internal strife!

The preacher/teacher and he,

(Too much alike?) weren’t happy…

It shifted into

“An authority over you”

Which wasn’t as healthy!

Various dissatisfactions

Led to complaints and  feigned actions….

Poor communication

Led to frustration,

In mutual distraction.

So now he stays at home

Sundays, with his wife alone…

No need to go

Taken for granted so,

But he’s stuck–this was his church home.

Socially depended on her,

His wife, for communication stirred…

When she took ill

He didn’t have the will,

To see that his opening up occurred.

He’s given his life for her,

Literally as it were…

Goes it alone

Reaching out he’s done,

Elsewhere–little left at “home”.

Options to go elsewhere?

Feels bound by his wife–so there!

Decision paralyzed–

Easier to survive

By himself, ‘though few benefits to share!

A “hypothetical poem”–which means it is just a poem….!

–Jonathan Caswell






Familiar with these railroad lines,

Central New York State on time…

Delivery pursuit

Of harvested fruit,

Just up my interest line!

One brand using rail there is MOTT’S,

Applesauce, canned fruit, lots…


The railroad’s busy,

Pulling loads from loading spots.

My friends, Jim and Cornelia Mead,

Who on our Honeymoon guaranteed…

A ride on their train

A kind gesture of them,

I helped Tioga Central* succeed!

Jim Mead and Ontario Lines,

There railroad experience finds…

And Number Fourteen

Was obtained through them,

For “our” Museum on the main line!

–Jonathan Caswell

*See “NUMBER FOURTEEN’S FANCY DRES”, posted July 3rd.

The Tioga Central Railroad ran excursion trains and later freight trains out of Owego, New York, in conjunction with the nearby Tioga Transportation Museum.




(No Ti-for-Tat…)

Twenty-eight years we’re married,

A lot of water we’ve carried…

Some Tit-for-Tat

De-emphasize that,

When God’s love through each ferried.

Nobody’s perfect (How New!)

But struggle obedience through…

Channels we be

Put aside me,

Letting God’s Spirit shine through!

Nobody’s perfect (We see!)

Except the One Who saved eternally..

All who believe

And His love receive,

Lord who calls the shots is He!

Each needs to on their own,

Listen to God to find home…

Three-legged races–

Both in the traces

Flesh of flesh and bone of bone…!

One flesh but still two minds,

Seeking oneness in all kinds…

Bound in Christ

Three-fold supplies,

A life line to throw and rewind.

–Jonathan E. Caswell





Originally rice with meat sauce,

When she wanted the veggies he lost…

Squash butter cooked

Sauce overlooked,

And with two fried eggs tossed!

The result she thought pretty good,

Had seconds, which she rarely would…

The rest is mine

For even-time,

Fresh from under stove hood!

She says she’d like that again,

With no guarantee of when…

This exact combo

I really don’t know,

When we’ll see it again!

–Jonathan Caswell



Twenty-eight years in a row,

Rarely (but sometimes) said “no”…

Learning lessons

By Spirit suggestions,

Bringing comfort when we were laid low.

Never easy to live

And share when we’re told to give…

It up for the other–

Why bother,

When together we face so much grief?

Bound by love we are,

Dealing with “crankies” just part…

Of total realm–

God at the helm—

When we trust Him that far.

Not instantly this “one flesh”,

Taking years learning to mesh…

If in the end

We are friends,

We praise God for His wisdom cached.


–Jonathan Caswell


Is it okay to marry for looks,

Are hot spouses allowed in your books…

Beautiful babes

Just one of the aids,

To find that partner who cooks.

Find one in the Lord,

For a lifetime you’ll not be bored…

Practical matters

And spiritual factors

All must come on board!

–Jonathan Caswell

Read portions from SONG OF SOLOMON…and Proverbs 31.


A leather-bond book kept,

On a shelf I won’t forget…

A microscope

I need to cope

With print the smallest yet.

Bought in Santo Domingo,

Learning Dominican Republic lingo…

Youth With a Mission

My admission,

‘Eighty-five, my missions mingle!

Ten weeks of varied success,

My bowels weren’t the best…

I know why

I wanted to try,

Was at my girlfriend’s behest.

A few trinkets left from that time,

My girl sought the next in line…

After we split–

Four months was it–

Her marriage to last a lifetime!

Back to the Bible and me,

God led me circuitously…

Into Catskills

Cold water chills,

About which my Dad questioned me.

Twenty-nine years engaged in May,

Blessed by Diana’s okay…

God led us both

Past wedding oaths,

To another place to stay.

Never has been easy,

Living and loving and pleasing…

Together still

Climbing hills,

Our Lord helps us with achieving!

La Santa Biblia remains,

Reminding of my spiritual gains…

At a time when I

Need the Big Guy,

To reinvigorate my aims.

–Jonathan Caswell


Sixty-one years of age,

Miniskirts are hardly the rage…

Fabric and patterns

Covering matters,

Loose-fitting generally sage.

The Missus would make her own,

Doing the work at home…

A sewing machine

Her kind of dream,

Making new clothes to put on!

Being somewhat stout,

She has to figure out…

Where the waist

And shoulder placed,

Confirms her beauty throughout.

Sad to see her fail,

I can’t help with detail…

Her machine sits idle–

Activities vital

She’s fearful she cannot prevail.

Catalogs give a hint

Of what twinkles her squint…

I shop there–

For things she can wear–

Though at times it costs a mint!

–Jonathan Caswell


Young ones tend to learn fast,

How to an impression last…

How to pose hips

With smiling lips,

To garner attention fast!

So often a little tilt

Will a man’s heart wilt…

Practised form

Impressions warm,

Attraction or sudden guilt.

For her man behind the lens,

She makes attractive bends…

Not for me–

For marriage sanctity–

She flirts with him for love’s ends!

–Jonathan Caswell