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The end is another beginning,

At least we end this one grinning…

My relief arrives

And I say “bye”,

Driving home to end the inning.

I guess he needed to roam,

Less beauty than there was, at home…

He’s older too

Abilities run through,

With less things working when done!

Beauty and conversation,

Not much of the latter this run…

No one got going

I wasn’t showing

Much need for conversation!

Met hew bloggers (to me),

I wonder who visits eventually?

Most will accept

Comments but not step (?)

Into this blog..if just to see.

Thanks to the regulars who tag along,

You are faithful companions–for how long?

When tired of me

Whole new worlds to see,

Each of us in our own ways, move along!

–Jonathan Caswell


After her denture wax fitting,

She wanted some coffee to go…

Got to the drive through and noticed

An adjacent car wash and so…!

Took a few minutes to figure out

How to turn the thing on…

Flashing signs on the side helped,

The unit then sprayed on!

Went around the building again

For coffees–mine iced–

Bought two Boston Cream donuts for us,

At Honey Dew Donuts  they’re nice!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Honey Dew Donuts is a local donut and coffee shop chain.


A diabetics’ syringe,

From which many cringe…

Where it goes

to be disposed,

Is quite a monkey wrench!

Used to put in the trash,

Since two thousand twelve , that’s past…

Collection sites

Change overnight,

But we’ll do as the law has asked.

Sharps jugs in the car trunk.

Under the sink pile’s shrunk…

Haven’t yet

Disposed one set,

Our hopes really sunk!

Her Social worked tried,

To see drop off sites nearby…

Sutton is closest–

If they accept  disposers,

From outside their Sutton town line!

But we’ll try again,

Looking forward when…

Sharps jugs won’t stay

Another day,

Could we put them all in one bin?

–Jonathan Caswell


Janey’s hubby is quite a good guy,

Willing to photograph

Hundreds of “atomicredheads,”

As the blog’s photo staff.

One gal I knew was willing to be

Photographed all of the time…

Or nearly so, to my delight,

I wish I’d not been blind!

Verna somewhere is in someone’s eye,

Posing as cute as can be….

I hope she met the right kind of guy

Who loves her in photography!

–Jonathan Caswell



Unlikely to love you,

Although He’s tempted to…

You fill his eyes

with love disguised,

The problem is–it’s mot true!

Your loveliness holds him fast,

Professing love you’d be the last…

Earnestly seeking

The handsome man peeking,

With this one it’s a task!

He rips apart his love,

Tearfully leaving his dove…

Who cares not for him

In ambition,

She pushes him with her shove.

Beauty becomes a bane,

Left for the vain…

He finds a girl

who with him will curl

and never looks back but in pain.

–Jonathan Caswell


There are problems ogling wives,

Others may take yours a prize…

Husbands may upset

Your running bet,

Making you pay with your lives!

Be careful–don’t get attached–

To women already matched…

It may turn true

They’ll be fond of you,

But likely prefer their own catch!

As he thinks so he is,*

His thoughts and business are his…

Would he like his wife

Be chased for life,

And made to share who is his?

–Jonathan Caswell

*Proverbs 23: 7

Matthew 5: 27-28


So many that criticize marriage,

Feeling out of love disparage…

What they don’t feel

Must not be real,

Then commit relationship “tear-age”.

Our feelings rise and fall,

Electro-biochemical squall…

What is true

Is that I love you,

Happiness is not all.

There comes a time to choose,

Stick to it or both lose…

Decision is key

Not emotionally,

Will you let hardship rip you loose?

Lady counselors want me to FEEL,

Saying that is real…

What’s real is my choice

Not to act by feeling’s voice,

With each situation fairly deal.

He had a nervous habit

To be jumpier than a rabbit…

Developed his will

To be faithful still,

‘Though mightily tempted to grab it.

Hardship they’ve lived for years,

Both shed frustrated tears…

Commitment is strong

They get along–

Sustained by God-given cheers!

Are we in love–YES!

Even though sometimes it’s a mess!

God is Love

He chooses to love,

We creatures of unworthiness!

–Jonathan Caswell


Jingle bells and feathers,

Somethings he gladly weathers…

The feathers are blue

But she knows to do,

If she wants get-togethers.

I said, “come with bells on”,

Diana next time there upon…

Her head in her hair

Had bobby-clipped there,

Jingle bells that did sound!

This lovely blogger here,

Can signal her love so dear…

Give a ring

For a good thing,

I’m sure high fences he’d clear!

–Jonathan Caswell


Depending on someone is scary,

A fact of which he’s wary…

He helps other too

But when they help you,

One is apt to be contrary!

Ego put aside,

Won’t go because of pride…

Accepting help

You feel like a whelp,

With yourself…how can you abide?

Reason says it’s needed,

Reason–not emotion–heeded…

Much better that way,

Your help will stay,

Rather then have patience superceded!

–Jonathan Caswell


Red is her colorful dress,

Worn for a Disney Christmas…

Christmas morn

We love popcorn,

A lovely way to unstress!


Since we have lots of stuff,

Buying all new things is tough…


Save money for flings,

The New Year promises great stuff!

Vintage he is  holding,

A woman who rarely is scolding…

Another year

He has you, his dear,

As it’s day by day unfolding!

–Jonathan Caswell