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A re-engine Baldwin’s a “BEEP,”

And this is a one-trucked GEEP…

Inventive play

May even pay,

The price of these aren’t too steep!

It probably is O scale,

I think I’ve seen them on sale…

Familiar but not

Prototypical, yet

A whimsical engine they’ve nailed!

Don’t think this poet is stuck,

Some switch engines DO USE ONE TRUCK…

One recently

Used on off an “S.D”*

Getting two engines on a six-wheeled truck!

–Jonathan Caswell

Several manufacturers make these…!  *An “S.D.”, which stands for Special Duty,

is a heavy-pulling diesel engine with six wheels in each truck


Howbeit a man,

Explaining how best he can…

Techniques using clothes

To camouflage those,

Two parts that entice a man?

What I’ve  in fashion blogs learned,

Is that certain strategies discerned….

Are mighty effective

Distracting deceptive,

Respect in their eyes earned!

Denying men their prayers,

Dress in effective layers…

A blazer disrupts

Sight down and up,

Hiding those detail betrayers!

Mesmerizing pattern on dresses,


Shape and size

Of what man’s eyes,

Like about these dresses.

Better irregular colors,

Make observing eyes dullard…

Takes the whole dress

His attention arrest,

Focus is somewhat cluttered!

Looser blouses suggest,

Mystery that’s best…

Wear them tight

And you’ve no right

to complain about his interest!

Cardigan and ponchos in layers,

Are also good girl watcher slayers…

Not sure where

“You are” in there,

Less interesting then, for stares!

If she “goes without”

Be certain nothing pokes out…

Wear a T shirt

As a liner won’t hurt,

Or with heavier fabric, no doubt!

–Jonathan Caswell









Striking familiar pose,

The woman blogging knows…

The classic spread–

Hand behind head–

Keeps views on their toes!

A pin-up more for the male,

‘Though it shows frontal detail…

How a blouse fits

Extending arm pits,

Do any blouse buttons fail?

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  It could also be mentioned that this pose allows a straighter posture than normal….The ribcage is lifted up—breasts are lifted into fine definition—back is straight but tilted slightly.    Can be either standing–like here–or the classic pin-up, which is lying down, looking up from the feet at her.  Marilyn Monroe, I think, was famous for using this pose.


A study noised about in the public media lately strongly suggests that people heavy into Social Media—like here and Face Book, as examples–become less able to develop real relationships outside of this medium

Conversely, those of us consistently less able or given less opportunity to grow socially in the “outside world”—or are dissatisfied with our options–turn here for something–anything (!) close to friendship, being socially isolated…for what ever reasons.

It’s how I see myself.

Most of my immediate blogger friends—have lives outside this cyber refuge.  Kids, jobs, friends we can see and sometimes touch…not hidden behind a fanciful thumbnail or necessarily wanting to move on….!

All you with outside lives–outside of this forum–PLEASE CHERISH the loves and activities you have elsewhere.  We can’t do too much about those using this place as a replacement for real relations with real people (I think you know what I mean). But pray for them,  think thoughts that they’d try the real thing, get healthy again.

Living here ain’t so bad,

The bloggers rarely get mad…

But what bugs

These long distance hugs,

Are wearing out the pillow I had!

–Jonathan Caswell


Long title for simple fact,

To clean cupboards, one must act…

My picture file

Bulges after a while,

Certain ones must be axed!

Making room for a new batch,

Pics. from every reblog I catch…

A very few

I’m attached to,

For projects being hatched.

Beauties and beauties and beauties,

Cleaning them out is my duty…

Interesting view–

Tempting ones, quite a few–

Alas, I can’t keep the cuties!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sunny, clear and cold,

We celebrate as of old…

A warm embrace

Fingers trace

On skin patterns bold!

Hey–romantic ;love,

Being closer than in a glove…

The day we’re telling

Our heart swelling

Is for our turtle dove!

Presents and cupcakes reign,

Romantic foods by design…

Baubles and things

Give love wings,

Or at least that’s the hoped for sign!

–Jonathan Caswell