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It must take courage to pose,

In plain or fancy clothes…

The public eye

(including guys),

In essence the whole world she shows!

More for a purpose than money–

Some responses are  rummy–

Courageous means

Fulfilling fond dreams,

Good reason to flatten that tummy!

Amateurs know whom they are,

Accepting themselves above par…

Not letting shape

Become like red tape,

But showing we all can star!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image of Demi Monde…courtesy Demi Monde!



A popular color is “nude”.

Depends on your attitude…

A tan-like beige,

It is the rage,

While others think it should be viewed!

Looking good in the street,

Clothes this color are sweet…

When one is home

And all alone,

THEN accomplish the feat!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Is this too much?)


True gentlemen know what’s there,

but politely don’t stare…

A lower view

Is tempting, true,

Maybe the lovely doesn’t care?

These days whatever you say,

Often is taken wrong way…

Hardly yet gross

An alluring post,

Is a dressmaker’s good payday!

Gentlemen watch and learn,

Don’t let curiosity burn…

Research in private

What should be inviolate,

A woman’s respect is earned!

–Jonathan Caswell


Fashionists show,

The front of themselves (oh NO!)…

Pointing to pins

Jewels and hems,

Now, how does this blouse go?

Women need to see,

Their own bodies as healthy…

Accepting shapes–

Breast and waist–

And yes–sometimes men’s revelry!

Especially, does this fit,

Is it too ornamented, to wit…

Does anything

Show through distracting,

How well it this skirt with it?

–Jonathan Caswell


The colors worn by this gal,

Go together well…

Solid colors

With any others

Are a wonderful sell!

Plain light corduroy shows

Wrinkles where the legs go…

A black top

Underemphasizes lots,

But a silhouette…WHOA!

Often plain color on top,

Allows the skirt pattern to POP…

Other way around

Equally sound,

A matching color–sometimes not!

Dress material, as you see,

All patterned or solid naturally…


Bring new sensations.

Usually positively!

–Jonathan Caswell


Young ones tend to learn fast,

How to an impression last…

How to pose hips

With smiling lips,

To garner attention fast!

So often a little tilt

Will a man’s heart wilt…

Practised form

Impressions warm,

Attraction or sudden guilt.

For her man behind the lens,

She makes attractive bends…

Not for me–

For marriage sanctity–

She flirts with him for love’s ends!

–Jonathan Caswell


Skirting ordinary fabric,

Designers look for the new…

Can we bend sheet rubber

Or muslin sheets redo?

Often for interesting patterns

Not on normal cloth…

Or a texture’s uniqueness,

Shiny, rough or both!

Skirt materials vary,

To cover what’s underneath…

Whatever is used should be opaque,

Giving the wearer less grief!

–Jonathan Caswell


The end is another beginning,

At least we end this one grinning…

My relief arrives

And I say “bye”,

Driving home to end the inning.

I guess he needed to roam,

Less beauty than there was, at home…

He’s older too

Abilities run through,

With less things working when done!

Beauty and conversation,

Not much of the latter this run…

No one got going

I wasn’t showing

Much need for conversation!

Met hew bloggers (to me),

I wonder who visits eventually?

Most will accept

Comments but not step (?)

Into this blog..if just to see.

Thanks to the regulars who tag along,

You are faithful companions–for how long?

When tired of me

Whole new worlds to see,

Each of us in our own ways, move along!

–Jonathan Caswell


This poet has a problem

Turning into hobgoblin…

Less of my age

In the blogging stage,

Not many sixty-plus are blogging!

It’s not for me for dates

Or older bodies to rate…

It takes gentleness

At any age addressed,

To be welcomed to participate!

–Jonathan Caswell