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Amazing what we used to mock,

As youth we consider “off”…

Older now

We realize how,

We, too, have grown soft!

In college there was a guy,

From our dorm room we spied…

Wearing shorts

In winter, of course,

Using our dumpster on the sly!

This poet is near sixty years,

After all this time it appears,

Wearing shorts

In winter, he sports,

Outside despite his wife’s fears!

–Jonathan Caswell


This poet has a problem

Turning into hobgoblin…

Less of my age

In the blogging stage,

Not many sixty-plus are blogging!

It’s not for me for dates

Or older bodies to rate…

It takes gentleness

At any age addressed,

To be welcomed to participate!

–Jonathan Caswell


He wanted to be well-thought of,

Wanted folks to know he had loved…

He couldn’t force

The writing of course,

Some of his colleagues might laugh.

Taking a course on Writing,

He found the prospectus inviting…

Situation saved–

He could speak from his grave,

His prospects became exciting!

Sometimes Fate is a knave,

But he got the “A” he craved…

The a fire

Took his notes “entire”,

Only his name and dates were engraved!

–Jonathan E. Caswell


(To the tune of “London Bridges Falling Down”)

Borderline ‘tween freeze and thaw,

Freeze and thaw

Freeze and thaw

Borderline ‘tween freeze and thaw…

Where are the salt trucks?

First it rains and then it snows,

Then it snows

Then it snows,

First it rains and then it snows…

Mixed precipitation!

How are the roads out there right now,

There right now

There right now,

How are the roads out there right now?

Not frozen over!

Do you think I’ll drive safely,

Drive safely

Drive safely,

Do you think I’ll drive safely?

Better be careful!

–Jonathan Caswell



He loves being in love,

That’s what the wags often say…

He wants to fit hand-in-glove

Before he walks away.

Preparing to pull her close,

To pull as close as he can…

Wanting to satisfy her

And still be a free man!

Gaining permission to touch

Brings him closer to goal…

Loving ever so much

While soaking up is his role.

When he’s gone as far

As she’ll let him for now…

He’ll hang on a little bit more

To see if he can sweet talk her down.



Proponents of war are roaring,

Are we going to drop every mooring…

That hold back knives

When poked in the eyes,

Much better seeing leaders touring.

Complex webs underneath,

Actions and tensions are chief…

Reasons why

A poke in the eye,

On the surface, strains belief!

–Jonathan Caswell


Christmas–chic movie time,

Potential lovers in bind…


Christmas resolving,

Spending more family time!

Works religion on easy street,

Learning to budget  neat…

Poor communication

Leads obfuscation,

Resolutions always sweet!

Christ the Lord de-emphasized,

Virgin birth news vaporized…

Morality plays

Of pagan ways,

Budding couples energized!

–Jonathan Caswell


It’s nearly two am,

At a full work shift I’ve been…

She has Therapy–

I’m the driver you see–

I need a little sleep…before then!

So farewell to all my mates,

SOMEWHERE  somebody celebrates…?

I’ll see you soon

By the light of the moon,

With ice forming on the grates?

Goodnight my cherished folk,

In a hot tub I’d like to soak…

Getting out is a pain–

I’d better refrain–

Cause the E.M.T.s wouldn’t see the joke!

(Maybe they would…plus me in the “all-together.)



I have this little teacup–

It’s a smallish coffee mug,

And most times I take a sip

The water’s all drunk up…

I know was filled not long ago

I filled it to the top,

So where’d all the water go–

Will this leak ever stop?

–Jonathan Caswell


Never mind his hobblings,

He’s got  pituitary problems…

Grown too tall–

No leprechaun at all–

But always her he’s following!