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The nature of who I am,

So sorry to post and scram…

Wife want eating

Three meals completing,

I’l come back here if I can!

This blogs my poetry,

Finding mine is the key…

SEARCH:  “Caswell”–

Most are  revealed,

Written heroically!

As to the prompt–almost any–

Subject inspiring–many…

Three or four styles

Bring you smiles,

A Christian blog not like any?

–Jonathan Caswell



We took what I thought worth taking,

A soup of my own making…

Boiled cabbage and ham

But no thank you Ma’am,

Just me and the wife were taking.

Competition was rather strong,

Lasagna and casserole gone…

What little we ate

I’d consolidate

And use for suppers till gone!

I had someone’s lemon meringue,

Almost too sweet–no tang–

Along with ice cream

(And lasagna again!),

Enough food for the whole gang!

My wife left her pink NORTH  CREEK hat,

I’m rescuing stuff like that…

Everyone knows

Keeping track of clothes

Is anything but old hat!

–Jonathan Caswell



Snapped open a can of MOXIE,

A passer-by asked, was it proxy…

For a cold beer–

Told her the year,

I stopped such orthodoxy!

–Jonathan Caswell



A DIET MOXIE affair,

This MOXIE’s not going to be shared…

Three gone

So three lasting long,

Will have to do for the spare!


*PLEASE NOTE: the current can design is on white without orange lines…this is the can design just previous to the current pictures of the current can?


A new “dark” ginger ale,

Like ginger beer but “pale”…

Gives a kick

A wicked pick,

Very hearty and hale!

A problem you can see,

It’s made with genetically…

Engineered stock

Some think crock,

Examine labels carefully!

Don’t know if all brands are so,

But check those labels to know…

For me ginger beer*

Is better my dear,

The sugar content’s greater, though!

I bought some for a treat,

And knew already how sweet…

Would be this drink–

Tastes good, I think,

 But genetic engineering—worth a “tweet”?

–Jonathan Caswell

*All ginger beer, unless otherwise labelled or noted, is nonalcoholic.


Espresso’s over ice,

Are strong, bitter but nice….

Keep me awake

For caffeine’s sake,

I might have to fill up twice!



The “why” of church-going changes,

It takes a while for some ages…


Was important to me,

Hanging on to inadequate arrangements!

Unfed and in distress,

He was tired of sleeping in, I guess…

Found a house church

In a Catskills search,

That filled his emptiness.

These folk seriously

Studied Bible seriously…

No questions of source–

T’was God , of course,

Living by Faith–that’s for me!

No mention of godesses/earth,

Except as about-pagan mirth…

They felt sorry

For eyes gone starry,

Who pushed away Christ’s full worth.


A lot that biased minds will see…

I believe

Bible texts received,

Were and are inspired Spiritually!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The featured image is of a UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  symbol…a cross inflame  The understanding is that the flame…represents the invigorating power of the Holy Spirit in the church.)


He wears a surgical mask

To do a soldering task…

Window fan

Keeps air grand,

All you gotta do is ask!

There’s ALWAYS laundry to do,

Doing it all we rarely get through…

She washes–I hang–

Often the whole she-bang,

For Saturday, make up a stew.

When we can attend church,

And watch TV preachers research…

Bible teaching

Is the best preaching,

In the God-created universe!

–Jonathan Caswell


Caught a bid slowdown in traffic,

Three lanes pretty much static…

Halter-topped gal

Getting help from a pal,

Our driving as a result became erratic!

All three lanes stuffed to the gills,

Those Friday night commuter ills…

Radio said a crash

Behind us would last,

Long enough to give one chills.

Changing lanes is art,

Practised by those thought smart…

Brake for sudden stops

One must have the chops,

To floor it when stopped lines start!

–Jonathan Caswell


September eighth approaches,

The wife softly coaches…

What she’d like

If stock should spike,

A kitty cat’s one of her torches!

Emotional response to need,

I wish I’d guaranteed…

That we could

If we would,

We’d talked this out already…hadn’t we?

Thanks be for catalog sales,

From which a husband avails…

Colorful lace

Lingerie with fine taste,

Until then he wonders and flails!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell