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(The Book of Genesis 32: 22-32)

Jacob renamed Israel,

Strove with the Lord’s Angel…

Up went the sun

Both had won,

As Israel’s hip pain would tell!

Wrestled all night with God,

Stubbornly living abroad…

Planted when

They were then,

God’s loving shoulders are broad.

The “Liar” became the “Winner”,

In faith so can all sinners…

Truly find cleansing

Relationship mending,

To break out of spiritual winters!

A new Creation was he,

The lying was gone you see…

In its place

Active holy grace,

The Angel brought him to his knees.

The Bible says he strove with God,

Not a man or a vision odd…

The pre-incarnate Christ

Before His birth night,

Was the Angel of God!

God striving with man,

Doesn’t flatten us although He certainly can…

But gives choice

Listening to His voice,

Instead of a absolute demand!

God wants love voluntary,

Not robotic or ancillary…

Jacob renamed

By the Most High Name,

Became a friend of God, not adversary.

–Jonathan Caswell

(Caught from a recent WALK IN THE WORD Radio broadcast series)


The Lord God is kind,

Teaching us when we are blind…

A blind man saw

The Sad-u-see’s flaw,

When they were so unkind!

A blind person ’round their home,

Navigate if you leave stuff alone…

In mind’s eye

They know what’s nearby,

When they live alone!

Praise God for spiritual kindness,

Sometimes the better is blindness….

To see sin fruit

Not being astute,

Asking in other-mindness.

The Pharisees said “we see!”

Compounding iniquity…

Hypocrites all

Under the Fall,

Showing stupidity!

–Jonathan Caswell


All are Spirit-stamped,

Sealed with assurancedly clamped…

Spirits awake

For Jesus’ sake,

Into His service we’ve tramped.

Many respond to the call,

How is it so many fall…?

The Sower’s story

Good analogy,

Why so much faith is dull!

Higher cognitive function

In Christ requires unction…

The Spirit dwells

After opening themselves,

Made by choice not compunction!

So  many have shallow roots

Or that Devil removes…

The Word

Jesus observed,

Crowded by other pursuits.

Ones with good soil are few,

Cast out the seed what we do…

We aren’t God

And haven’t trod,

In any path He’d do!

–Jonathan Caswell


Lord Jesus resurrected–

He’s come out of the grave–

And just as expected

He owns the power to save…

What will be your answer

When Christians come to call

Will you submit yourself to Him

Or reject–losing it all?

–Jonathan Caswell


All kinds of stories about Him,

Major magazines by their whim…

Pile up “facts”

From historical “acts”

Pushing faith so thin.

Glorious videotography,

Impressing the simple like me…

Easily swayed

With not much aid,

Cast doubt on Jesus’ deity!

“Christian scholars” are used,

In programs where faith is disabused…

Faith in God’s word

Portrayed as absurd,

Is implied and accused.

Subtle persuasion proceeds,

knocking support from God’s deeds…

Historical’s fine

But draw the line,

Or your Accuser succeeds!’-

I’ve heard the insults of men,

And arguments of religion…

That cunningly catch

Your faith dispatch,

Woo you to legalism!

Stand firm even to stand,

Don’t be deceived even then…

Christ is your King

Give God everything,

Don’t stay submerged in you sin.

–Jonathan Caswell


Who knows the mind of our God,

Claim to, we think you’re odd…

Don’t be absurd–

God is found in His Word,

Study them and be Gospel shod!

Skeptics say, “What are odds,

“That yours is the God of all gods?”

According to plan

Jesus is the Man

Who is God to save we clods!

In our analysis Faith–

Man’s reasoning is unsafe…

God’s Spirit moves

And it behooves

Us to leave home base.

First fruits of resurrection is He,

After Him humanity…

May take on His cloak

Of righteousness spoke,

That in Christ we can be sin’free!

Palm Sunday processions blare,

For a time we put down care…

Reveling in God

Who our path trod,

And His own Son did not spare.

Skeptics say to me,

How can God die from eternity?

Feeble minds

Can’t grasp these kinds

Of questions–believe and be free!

–Jonathan Caswell


Jeshua* paid the price

For all our sinful vice…

On the cross

Our sin was tossed

Far away–so nice!

But not for everyone

Jesus’ sacrifice was done…

Those who believe

In Him receive

What He hoped for everyone!

Too many skeptics browbeaten

By Evil through peers defeating…

Opening of eyes

To embrace Paradise,

Their salvation is fleeting.

Many blind claim to see,

Perhaps other deities…

There is ONE

By creating was done,

To Lord Jesus get down on your knees!

Why do fanatics destroy,

Monuments to our Saviour** boy?

Because they see

Destroy history,

Then for Christ it “can’t be employed”.

Even the very rocks

Shout of our Savior’s chops…

King of all kings

Heaven rings,

And never, no never stops!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Jeshua is the Hebrew version (more or less) of the name Jesus, which is Greek.

**Saviour…the European spelling of the title.  American spelling is “Savior”.


At one time I was caught

In dispensationalist thought…

Spiritual signs

Were for certain times,

And for the present–just rot!

The charismatic crowd,

Would shout “tongues” aloud…

Spiritual gifts

Were not “ifs”,

But some One in the air!

Mainline churches, alas,

Run from the spirit really fast…


The hierarchy,

Short shrift those sections till passed.

Pentecostals pray,

In tongues every Sunday…

Loudly they cry

To God on high,

And whenever they pray!

In some denominations,

Doctrine’s in confusion…

General behooval

Of passage removal,

Not wanting any exclusion.

Then there are Bible-believing,

Determined to seek the receiving…

Of God’s Spirit

 Power  to visit,

Upon their witness  and healing!

Many TV preachers,

Have tongues as regular features…

Spiritual gifts

Are vital lifts,,

To we spiritually-enlivened creatures!

Among us folks disagree

In varied possibilities…

But the Spirit we prize

As seen through God’s eyes,

Available to God’s opportunities!

–Jonathan Caswell


Samaritan woman’s thirst

For something so she won’t burst…

Came to this well

And heard Jesus tell,

To put Him first.

Thirsty beyond mere water,

She was a human daughter…

Caught in her lies–

Opened her eyes–

To see living water!

The Lord didn’t put her down,

As she went through her town…

Calling to tell

All of that Well,

Who would stick around!

–Jonathan Caswell

BIBLE REFERENCE:  John 4: 7- 31.


Facts are often ignored,

Through mind filtering they’re poured…

That sounds like me


On my faults I’m more likely moored.

Mixed messages when young,

At least back there begun…

My wife’s getting through

About God’s love too,

The Holy Three-in-One!

Often when down I forget,

Summon up that negative “NYET”…

To any kind words

Whether nouns or verbs,

And generally get upset.

Denying thyself literally,

Means the denial of ME…

Self love unknown

Has to be shown,

By males of humanity!

So now here I am

Thinking I’m an “also ran”…

Unwilling partly

To admit there’s potential in me,

‘Though I know–deep down–that I can!

-Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to any and all folks suffering from depression and believing themselves not worth anyone’s attention!)