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A DIET MOXIE affair,

This MOXIE’s not going to be shared…

Three gone

So three lasting long,

Will have to do for the spare!


*PLEASE NOTE: the current can design is on white without orange lines…this is the can design just previous to the current pictures of the current can?


Researching bakery buildings

I found one named this,

“Tobermory” was the cat

My parents’ last “fur bliss”…

My brother took him home when

Our father passed away,

I hear he died peacefully

Remembered till this day…

I hear he died peacefully,

Remembered till this day!

–Jonathan Caswell


Last night I “closed up shop”,

They thought my blogging would stop…

Sure nice to be missed

Going to break up that “bliss”,

I still have poems to pop!

All subjects are at whim

Of the Poet and I am him…

At times not rare

The subject bare,

Is inspired by what’s re-posted  (grin!).

I’d love the unlovable,

Or any in trouble…

Like Christ did for me

For eternity,

I’ll try to not burst your bubble!

–Jonathan Caswell


Since when was this holiday

A Christian jamboree…

And when was it about Christ’s birth


According to those who should know,

It was Winter Solstice time…

The sun was at its lowest point

And then began to climb…!

Christians–former pagans most–

Denied their revelry…

Church leaders wanted evangelized

Pagans who would see…

Christ’s birth celebrated

In holiness and respect,

Become interested and

Come into the church direct.

When the church went political with Emperor Constantine,

Everyone had to join the thing…

It wasn’t necessarily by choice or belief–


Nonbelievers too

Had their own “underground” pews…

The “old ways” by the faithful stays

But not in public view.

Are the roles reversed,

When Christians can be cursed…?

The church’s power can’t make them cower

Or defeat  a pagan purse.

Most do not see the fetters–

Getting worse before it’s better…

Christ is King but suffering

Is for those whose faith matters.

Keep then looking up,

Your redemption draweth nigh…

We will share the communion cup

Till anew with Christ, alive!

–Jonathan Caswell


He has no right to brag,

His laurels quickly sag…

Without constant grace

Shining from God’s face,

By God long ago he was tagged!

–Jonathan Caswell


I ask for filling–why–

Receiving power on high…

Flaming tongues

For holy ones,

To do and self to die.

Flaming tongues on the Seventy

Elders with Moses to remedy..

His over-reach

Ministering to each,

Israelite in his integrity.

Tongues came onto one-twenty

Disciples of Christ–plenty–

To take His Word

Of salvation unfurled,

Unto many and many!

Elijah and god’s prophets saw

God’s fire filled with awe…

Burn offerings

And revelings

Filled with rebellious flaw.

This holy God I would serve,

Not with my own nerve…

Perilous times

As gold is refined,

I need Holy Spirit verve!

Long ago in college

I reached out and experienced Knowledge…

Fill me again

Oh Lord begin,

To pour into me, Thee I acknowledge!

 –Jonathan E. Caswell


Maintenance put up the tree,

Near the window we see…

It from outside

A glorious sight,

To be decorated shortly!

Storage tubs on the side,

Hold trinkets to open hearts wide…

Chains and baubles

Releasing troubles

At least For Christmas-tide.

A figure of what we remember

From childhood, late December…

Of family

And times to be,

Many years later remembered!

Monday or later this week,

These baubles uncovered speak…

The Common Room

Shall assume,

The air of Christmas mystique!

–Jonathan E, Caswell

ADIRONDACK HIGH (With apologies to the late John Denver.)

Adirondack highs,

Where wonders meet the eyes…

Peaks remain

some folks complain,

To get there takes a long drive!

Once there we stay at Joe’s,

Her brother in lumberjack clothes…

Sodom, Minerva,

North Creek to be sure-ah,

Despite her childhood she goes.

Once we get there–okay,

But by car or bus, it’s all day…

Barely turn around

And we’re outward bound,

Never more than a week have we stayed.

–Jonathan Caswell


He knows what the guys go through,

He once helped run steam trains too…

One more run–

A little more fun–

Before the season is through!

For us, little Number Twelve,*

An oh-four-oh “T” to delve…

Into steam

Locomotion…the dream

Of a lifetime…where we dwelt.

That EVERETT two-six-oh,

Is a proud steamer we know….

Dimunitive survivor

With dainty drivers,

“Just one more run…before the heavy snow?”


–Jonathan Caswell

*Number Twelve, running back and forth on a siding at the Flemingville, NY , station site.  I stunk as a fireman shoveling coal…so I ran the little engine under supervision of the “old heads”(experienced railroad men).


Why does he do it–this blog–

With hours and hours logged…

Lonely he’s been

In his blogging,

Often few LIKES involved?

Searches out interesting

Blogs for his understanding…

Each of us choose

Whether to loose,

Popularity or do our thing.


Can’t always stomach being free…

Encouragement from

Another blogging one,

May just come at someone’s great need!

–Jonathan Caswell