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He changes his mind all the time,

About  his Header Image line…

The newest ones come

From near his home,

Each you’ll see in time!

–Jonathan Caswell


I often wanted a model

Of this one engine to throttle…

But the full size is hard

With no back yard,

Not as rich as Onassis, Aristotle!


It was being rebuilt–no hurry–

On an engine house visit

They let me go in it,

To take my pictures–no worry!

I was taking color slides,

Harder to share, besides…

My pictures are locked

In a photo slide box,

Converting to the cyber world…dollars and time.

I learned of Number Eleven,

Reading a book–rail fan heaven–

The Narragansett Pier

And Bath and Hammondsport near here,

And Rail City Museum given.

Until in New York State,

Where the B & H and Rail City wait…

She went to Middletown,

New York, I was around,

But in Pennsylvania she’s running great!!!

–Jonathan Caswell


According to ‘WALK IN THE WORD”.

Miriam was most disturbed…

By Moses’ new marriage

That she disparaged,

Before getting to her deepest hurt.

In the original language used,

The female form was used…

Spoke a woman


Who felt most abused!

Said God–come here you three–

I’ll tell who is closest to Me…

Moses most humble

But ’bout Me you grumble,

Miriam’s tagged leprosy.

Seven days outside the camp,

Moses kept her from the damp…

Changed attitude

When God’s way viewed,

Healed–she came back, no cramp!

More recently, one fell to grumbling

Under his breath–not humbling–

What will God do

The dense to break through,

Or allow in his way some stumbling?

Grumbling under the breath,

In the Desert…was kiss of death…

But for God’s mercy

Miriam cutseyed,

And came back in perfect health!

–Jonathan Caswell

“WALK IN THE WORD”…a radio program on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, weekdays.


Certain times he’ll confess

To any woman he might trust…

Certain things within his soul

He feels are a must.

Not the best way to interest

A female in  his needy quest…


Are more honest!

Almost as though the sharing

Prompted caring…

Exposing is supposing

That she’s willing to allow him in for a time.

He’ll try this with anyone

He thinks will respond…

Even rejection or a small response

Is some kind of accepted response

(Though not the one rarely received–yet hoped for!)

A cross between an mother and a lover,

An impossible cross to be…

Yet be exposed to him “without clothes”

Offering embraces free.

I don’t know anyone who would

Submit to such a scheme…

Apparently can’t get it at home,

But at least the guy can dream!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Another “hypothetical” poem!)


When in Christ are you saved,

You draw closer to God…

All those who cannot see

Think this as very odd.

Living within you

In your heart of hearts…

Is the Spirit of God,

Who wisdom from God imparts.

Day by day we walk

Minute by minute choosing…

Whether to obey

The leadings of God or effusing.

Our spirits are saved instantly,

Clothed with righteousness…

Our minds more gradually

Are trained to evil resist.

Clothed with Christ means

The Father sees righteousness…

On us of Christ alone

Instead of our dirtiness!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sometimes handling blogs,

He overloads and logs…

Need to impress

A girl in a dress,

Loud enough wearing clogs!

It goes without mention,

He’s after female attention…

The “illness” is real

And has great appeal,

Especially a woman’s kind intervention!

So it’s not illness at all,

But he longs for a footfall…

Of a woman who enjoys

Him as one of the boys,

Sometimes it won’t happen at all!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


When Protestants honor the dead,

No prayers for them need be said…

Dead in Christ–

They’re in Paradise,

They’re with Jesus and are not dead.

We honor ancestors by our memories,

But to choose in this life God decrees…

Once in the grave

There’s no way to save,

A life’s choice for eternities!

My family remembers oftentimes,

About our family’s blood lines…

Visiting graves

May happen Sundays,

And any other available times.

–Jonathan Caswell


We used to pray in bed,

With either the sleepy head…


They read and pray

From their recliners instead!

One or the other reads

Bible according to needs…

Then pray

Over the day,

Pledging to God their deeds.

She claims it’s drawing them closer,

He’s glad that he chose her…

They agree

To mute the TV,

And to God draw closer!

–Jonathan Caswell


Not all these pictured are mine,

But I like the product line…

At Tioga Transportation

Museum, *two were stationed…

The place was “home” for a while!

ACTUALLY there were three,

Bought from AMTRAK to see…

Sixty-two and forty-four–

Fifty-nine we saw no more–

A leaser Fifty-nine  would be!

One–I think forty-four–

In AMTRAK colors before…

Being painted for the Valley–

Maroon for Lehigh Valley

Railroad, the history of which we adored.

Sixty-rwo, similarly  attired,

Started faded blue when acquired…

Both ran on our “main”

A branch line with freight trains,

Operating which  several youth inspired.

Was the best group I was a member,

Pleasant times I remember…

Taken under wing

By another to learn everything,

Oh…those Santa Trains…in December!!!

Insecure enough to collect,

Reminders of days elect…

Sense of belonging

Brings on longing,

RS-1 locomotives reflect!

–Jonathan Caswell

The Tioga Transportation Museum, in a restored former Lehigh Valley wooden railroad station, was located north of Owego, NY, a half-hour or so drive from Binghamton, NY—where I was living with my parents  and going to school.


The “why” of church-going changes,

It takes a while for some ages…


Was important to me,

Hanging on to inadequate arrangements!

Unfed and in distress,

He was tired of sleeping in, I guess…

Found a house church

In a Catskills search,

That filled his emptiness.

These folk seriously

Studied Bible seriously…

No questions of source–

T’was God , of course,

Living by Faith–that’s for me!

No mention of godesses/earth,

Except as about-pagan mirth…

They felt sorry

For eyes gone starry,

Who pushed away Christ’s full worth.


A lot that biased minds will see…

I believe

Bible texts received,

Were and are inspired Spiritually!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The featured image is of a UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  symbol…a cross inflame  The understanding is that the flame…represents the invigorating power of the Holy Spirit in the church.)