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I might as well jump in,

Nordstrom’s committed the sin…

Admitting mud fake

Was part of the take,

More chemicals we’re dipped in???

–Jonathan Caswell


Oh yeah…poet’s impacted…

When he is easily distracted,

But we aren’t flat

(mine’s belly fat)…

My proof is the way I’ve acted.

Fabric pattern and style,

These things I learn about and smile…

Think just me


Notices postured guile?

It’s nice that people share,

Comfortable with who’s there…

Gentlemen exist–

A few they may have missed–

A challenge in writing I bear!

–Jonathan Caswell


All kinds of stories about Him,

Major magazines by their whim…

Pile up “facts”

From historical “acts”

Pushing faith so thin.

Glorious videotography,

Impressing the simple like me…

Easily swayed

With not much aid,

Cast doubt on Jesus’ deity!

“Christian scholars” are used,

In programs where faith is disabused…

Faith in God’s word

Portrayed as absurd,

Is implied and accused.

Subtle persuasion proceeds,

knocking support from God’s deeds…

Historical’s fine

But draw the line,

Or your Accuser succeeds!’-

I’ve heard the insults of men,

And arguments of religion…

That cunningly catch

Your faith dispatch,

Woo you to legalism!

Stand firm even to stand,

Don’t be deceived even then…

Christ is your King

Give God everything,

Don’t stay submerged in you sin.

–Jonathan Caswell


(Each individual three-line haiku is considered a poem on its own,

despite perhaps being related to a common theme.–J.E.C.)

(Additionally, haiku may or may not include punctuation—traditional haiku generally do not  have it –J.E.C.)

Presidents’ Day off

Waving away package trucks

Skeleton crew on

American loss,

Long weekends not historic…

Blurred history lost!

High snow banks turn brown

Road salt stains on pavement grey

Waiting for snow days

Plow trucks stand idle

Except for salting road ice

No more overtime?

Winter buds wonder

Is it time to grow and sprout?

Freeze burnt other years…!

Swans in ponds feeding

Youngsters finally on their own

Mommas drove them off

Easter candy sales

Set up before the fourteenth

Valentines half off

–Jonathan Caswell


Used to be Washington and Lincoln

Birthdays of distinction…

Separate were

Celebrated for,

Each their own fame without linking.

Then to reduce off days,

History meaningless in ways…

Three-day weekends

Popular trends,

Became governmental mainstays.

Since little history’s taught,

Long weekends are fraught….

Ignorant of meaning

No student gleaning,

Much more that a party onslaught!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


Layout planning changes,

History one rearranges…

In the seventies around here

Boats to carry scrap appeared,

In Boston to be filled before market price changes.

When a boat arrived

all area scrap yards came alive…

To fill this boat

all would devote,

A few weeks and then stay alive.

Thus like grain or snow,

Scrapyards have seasonal flow…

Like winter for salt

In autumn would start,

Ship arrival told when to load.

Where was this metal heading,

Japanese car makers  getting…

Ready to sell

More cars that kept well,

Unlike the American vetting!

Rolling stock needed I’ll use,

Body shells from old “choo-choos”…

A yard with two tracks,

‘Though I might take one back,

Lots of switching for short line train crews!

–Jonathan Caswell


–Jonathan Caswell


The average male fashion poet,

Is there anyone else–do you know it…?

Has to watch what he’ll say

Or feelings sway,

And soon enough–he own’s it!

He must tread carefully,

Asking permission to be…

Commenting on

What women don,

Without being their enemy!

Safer to do it on line,

Where at least we’re having good times (?)…

A funny nose

May come to blows,

If not with careful crafting each time.

–Jonathan Caswell


He loves it his blog can be,

Seen internationally..

Creative souls

Expressing goals,

Harmonious opportunity!



Women, girls and men,

All like ladies’ fashion…

For different reasons

Throughout the seasons,

Each has their  own ken.

This gentleman would suggest

A few things to blog the best…

Most by fault

Have a frontal assault,

Too far away to see best!

Turn around graciously,

So women see “it fit ‘ME'”…

Show every stitch–

If your niche,

Photographing positionally.

Guys may watch as a given,

Most of your crowd are women…

Who want to view

How clothes fit you,

Helping them with a decision.


Up-close photos please…

Make a nice smile

If that’s your style,

You’ll sell those clothes with ease!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image from: “Rosie Rockets: a Red Lip and a Nude Shoe”


MOXIE, that grand old stuff,

Had sales enough…

To beat out COKE–

It was no joke–

But the market was getting tough!

Looking at advertising,

Differences not surprising…

Conservative dressed

Were MOXIE’S best,

Respectfully advising!

COKE went for the kill,

Featured women less clothed or still…


Suggesting MOXIE

Was for the older or ill…!

COKE offered an active life,

Excitement with COKE was rife…

Barely dressed pretty women

MOXIE’S market dimming,

MOXIE, once strong, lost the fight!

–Jonathan Caswell

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