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Couldn’t sleep—what a shame–

Had playtime to reclaim…

Three or more tries

Under night skies,

But with a clearer brain!

He completed reconnecting

Both spur and runaround track connecting….

All rail joiners fit

He was done with it,

Couldn’t test with the power pack defecting!

Musical power packs,

Changing over to  power tracks…

When he’s done

both layouts’ll run,

He’ll go on to more creative acts!

Jonathan Caswell

Google Image of a real train engine switching a spur track..



His shakiness increased,

Didn’t have much to eat…

A protein bar

He found so far.

His necessary treat1

With blood sugars dipping low,

He really should test to know…

Exactly how far

Down we are,

His “118” getting low!

–Jonathan Caswell



The blogger ended in flight

Before could sign off last night…

today at work

He felt like a jerk,

For a while it wouldn’t work right!

Repeatedly it shut down,

He signed off with a frown…

Waited an hour

To regain its power

And now he’s going to town!



Troubles keeping from sleep,

Oh what struggles to keep…

Time to let go

Before he sinks low,

He’ll be an exhausted heap!

Desperation comes,

The pinnacle of his sums…

Adding up fast

To disastrous blast,

Never ready for what comes!

His dad had a similar feat,

Struggling in his sleep…

Sat bolt upright:

“Lord–You take it, Alright?”

And fell into deep, peaceful sleep!

Obsession easily comes,

Will you stick to your guns…

Give it the Lord–

Peace then restored–

Doze off after a few “ho-hums”.

–Jonathan Caswell


New Englanders–no worries–

These are just a few scattered snow flurries…

They’ve come and gone

So we can move on,

Donning warm woolies and furries!

–Jonathan Caswell



Walk on dry pavement

Thinking of the snow to come

Might be calling out

Man’s struggle with drifts

Many legendary tales

Not all of them survived

Walking on pavement

Thinking about fifteen inches

Winter battles come



IT WAS nice and cold,

But the fifties this weekend we’re told…

Bouncing around

In winter we’ve found

More likely to foster a cold.

Tonight we expect rain,

How long it will freeze can’t say…

Supposedly warm

By tomorrow’s form,

Much snow will wash away!

Is this our January thaw,

Before February’s cold and raw…

Massachusetts waits

To see if it skates,

Until Spring flowers grow tall!

Began raining by this time,

Slushy sidewalks are slimed…


It’s warmer yet,

Temperature’s on the incline!

–Jonathan Caswell


Would you, Darling, please

Bring home cottage cheese…

Small curd will do

And something to chew,

Spicy brings me to my knees!

This husband is all a-flutter,

He’s buying more peanut butter…

He likes crunchy–

So nuts is he–

Of varieties he’ll buy no other!

Must buy some kind of meat,

And remember at least one treat…

Payday is here

‘Though the budget’s severe,

He wants to please his Sweet.

–Jonathan Caswell


We used to pray in bed,

With either the sleepy head…


They read and pray

From their recliners instead!

One or the other reads

Bible according to needs…

Then pray

Over the day,

Pledging to God their deeds.

She claims it’s drawing them closer,

He’s glad that he chose her…

They agree

To mute the TV,

And to God draw closer!

–Jonathan Caswell


Before signing off around one,

“WSKG-TV” would run…**



Until the program was done.

In tights a young woman sat,

Imagine a boy seeing that…

Lotus seduction

And breathing instruction,

The boy would try..sitting pat.

Folks of the Mind-Body-Spirit,

Hare-Krishnas in it…

Buddhist routine

What does it mean,

Some folks won’t go near it.

–Jonathan Caswell

WSKG** was and still is a Public Broadcasting Corporation-affiliated TV station in the Binghamton, NY area.Back then, the station did not offer 24-hour broadcasting.