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He’s back to the hurly and burley,

Alone with his thoughts going squirrelly…

Kind folk did

Come to where he hid,

But retirement was too early!

He won’t go away,

Unless the Rapture’s today!

He misses the crowd

And shouting out loud,

To let folks hear what he’ll say!

Great cheers to the eighteen or so,

Visiting a blog readership low…

He’ll keep you informed–

His heart truly warmed–

For support you chose  to bestow.

Broken promises forgotten,

Being put off felt rotten…

Of you very few

I’m beholden to you,

For in compassion you were stopping!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Each individual three-line haiku is considered a poem on its own,

despite perhaps being related to a common theme.–J.E.C.)

(Additionally, haiku may or may not include punctuation—traditional haiku generally do not  have it –J.E.C.)

Presidents’ Day off

Waving away package trucks

Skeleton crew on

American loss,

Long weekends not historic…

Blurred history lost!

High snow banks turn brown

Road salt stains on pavement grey

Waiting for snow days

Plow trucks stand idle

Except for salting road ice

No more overtime?

Winter buds wonder

Is it time to grow and sprout?

Freeze burnt other years…!

Swans in ponds feeding

Youngsters finally on their own

Mommas drove them off

Easter candy sales

Set up before the fourteenth

Valentines half off

–Jonathan Caswell


Amazing what we used to mock,

As youth we consider “off”…

Older now

We realize how,

We, too, have grown soft!

In college there was a guy,

From our dorm room we spied…

Wearing shorts

In winter, of course,

Using our dumpster on the sly!

This poet is near sixty years,

After all this time it appears,

Wearing shorts

In winter, he sports,

Outside despite his wife’s fears!

–Jonathan Caswell


He wanted to be well-thought of,

Wanted folks to know he had loved…

He couldn’t force

The writing of course,

Some of his colleagues might laugh.

Taking a course on Writing,

He found the prospectus inviting…

Situation saved–

He could speak from his grave,

His prospects became exciting!

Sometimes Fate is a knave,

But he got the “A” he craved…

The a fire

Took his notes “entire”,

Only his name and dates were engraved!

–Jonathan E. Caswell


A SPRITE…whispered in my ear,

Where have our people gone….

Something called “Democracy”

They claim has gone terribly wrong!

They ignore us despite our cries,

They say the winner’s wrong…

They look at us with evil eyes

No more to sing our songs?

They claim all the voters are

taken by a plot…

They’re not happy with the choice

that the people got?

Even sprites and fairies know

That corruption is evil…

but will these former friends see that—

Maybe they never will!

I guess like Puff the Dragon,

Who lived by the sea….

these spoiled children are no friends

Of folks thinking positively!

How we miss our friends who were

filled with love who now hate…

When will they stop this foolish quest

and come to us and celebrate?

–Jonathan Caswell

Poet and friendly to fairies in general.  😀



WITH THE PATIENCE OF JOB?(pronounced…Jobe)

Charged with the patience of Job,

He feels tugs on his earlobe…

Does he have

Some healing salve,

To give the failing some hope?

He says, commit ye to God,

Don’t fight against cattle prods…

In your life to suggest

Knowing God is the best,

Way to make certain the odds!

For Job wasn’t patient at all,

His friends thought it was his fall…

Only god knew

And Elihu,

Understood Job at all!

–Jonathan Caswell


He loves it his blog can be,

Seen internationally..

Creative souls

Expressing goals,

Harmonious opportunity!



A wild turkey flock in the snow,

Six or seven or so…

Grazing upon

Our side lawn,

Checked my pockets and…OH!

Thankfully had the house keys,

But no car’s or wallet with these…

Turkeys gone from our side lawn,

Prob’ly went into the trees!

–Jonathan Caswell


Depending on someone is scary,

A fact of which he’s wary…

He helps other too

But when they help you,

One is apt to be contrary!

Ego put aside,

Won’t go because of pride…

Accepting help

You feel like a whelp,

With yourself…how can you abide?

Reason says it’s needed,

Reason–not emotion–heeded…

Much better that way,

Your help will stay,

Rather then have patience superceded!

–Jonathan Caswell


Savor the spirit of Christmas,

Tomorrow the tree may come down…

Bangles and baubles all packed up

;Til next December comes ’round!

Drink in the atmosphere of this place

Before the ordinary returns…

Valentine’s Day may be next

But then, no Yule log burns.

Christians have the best gift of all

Celebrating Christ every day…

If they cherish Him in their hearts

The Lord never goes away!

The Jewish nation exists on its own,

Will prophesy soon be fulfilled…

Gentile and Jew in Christ be made one

And discordant voices be stilled?

–Jonathan Caswell