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A quiet Sunday afternoon,

I’m covering for a friend…

Eating buttered pastry cold

And working until his shift’s end.

There must be something wrong with me,

I didn’t attend church…

I’m feeling like it’s deja vu—

Left spiritually in the lurch.

I don’t think the wife fully understands,

I’m not sure I do either…

Instead of going to one or the other

I’m attending neither!

Making a break from old to new

Was easier when alone…

Having eagle eyes watching me

Discourages me at home.

Remembering appointments has

More difficult become…

Seeing my wife’s messiness

Is a double–triple “bum”.

I cannot deny

My losing right and left…

Important things to keep

Of good sense am I bereft?



The old guy thought it routine,

To let the young woman clean…

He wasn’t watching

When she was snatching

Anything worth some green.

What he watched was her’s,

Captivated by her curves…

Being taken

By a girl  shaking

Him down–is this what he deserves?

Ethical factors aside,

He knows he’s being denied…

His kind of dreaming

Is foolish scheming,

Some days he’s fit to be tied.



Since using her C-PAP machine,

The Missus has much time to dream…

Now I’m the one

Who wanders around,

Too agitated to dream!

She’s averaging eight hours,

Her energy rivals cell towers…

I can’t rest

Too much on my chest,

As life in some ways…sours.

I will read my Bible more,

It calms me down to snore…

I’ve a different machine

Whose pressure is lean,

LESS than what I was used to, before!

–Jonathan Caswell


Why act so surprised,

When you realized…

That this ends

Goodbye my friends,

Now dry those weeping eyes!




Certain times he’ll confess

To any woman he might trust…

Certain things within his soul

He feels are a must.

Not the best way to interest

A female in  his needy quest…


Are more honest!

Almost as though the sharing

Prompted caring…

Exposing is supposing

That she’s willing to allow him in for a time.

He’ll try this with anyone

He thinks will respond…

Even rejection or a small response

Is some kind of accepted response

(Though not the one rarely received–yet hoped for!)

A cross between an mother and a lover,

An impossible cross to be…

Yet be exposed to him “without clothes”

Offering embraces free.

I don’t know anyone who would

Submit to such a scheme…

Apparently can’t get it at home,

But at least the guy can dream!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Another “hypothetical” poem!)


Time to let things go,

The giving up hurts ever so…

Concepts cherished

Have almost perished,

Why insist on fighting it so?

Being up all night,

Struggling without light…

Seems to me

You might feel free

If only you’d give up the fight!

Stubbornness is a sin,

When it’s time to pack it in…

Give God control

Over your soul,

Going out and coming in!



Having reviewed the tape,

Before its official “escape”…

Some innocence

By Presidents,

Are allowed in a political landscape!

What can one do in public,

E’en the leader of a Republic…

Having  hard-on

With women around,,

How can one ever have stopped it?

One might as well laugh as cry,

He’s the envy of many a guy..

Given age

It’s very sage

To flaunt it before it flies by!