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An N scale “2-6-2”,

The lead set of wheels he blew…

Pictured once

An engine thus,

Converted to an “0-6-2.”

Most steam engines of this type,

In foreign fields are ripe…

In the U.S.

Mostly tank engines are left,

Them with tenders as hard to find as snipe!

Some may have come from Birmingham,

Alabama, a modified plan…

No evidence there—

Or up in the air—

The Internet doesn’t do well with “rare”.

He thinks Indiana coal fields,

Was where a real engine congealed…

Now he cannot find

The photo in mind,

Not finding a prototype, his mind reels!

Worse yet, he’s lost his model,

Was it sold or just took a toddle…

Somewhere below

All the other stuff so,

His research continues in high throttle!

–Jonathan Caswell

Google Image of a live steam model of a European designed 0-6-2 + tender,

produced by ROUNDHOUSE, makers of small scale live steam models.


True gentlemen know what’s there,

but politely don’t stare…

A lower view

Is tempting, true,

Maybe the lovely doesn’t care?

These days whatever you say,

Often is taken wrong way…

Hardly yet gross

An alluring post,

Is a dressmaker’s good payday!

Gentlemen watch and learn,

Don’t let curiosity burn…

Research in private

What should be inviolate,

A woman’s respect is earned!

–Jonathan Caswell


In merry Great Britain,

When folks went on a cruise…

They’d ride a train to the dock

To sail the oceans blue.

In the nineteen sixties-seventies,

New England had boat trains…

Taking scrap metal

To Boston on railroad mains…

All this bulk scrap metal

Was loaded into ships….

Bound as planned for Japan,

Becoming cars  and paper clips!

While American car makers

Were poor  reliability…

Japanese were the market shakers,

A higher quality product, you see.

Some folks always thought

Exporting scrap was fraught…

With such imposition

Helping competition,

With an automobile onslaught!

–Jonathan Caswell

(At least that’ how I remember it!)


The picture says “Poetry Friday”,

This poem is more about flyways…

Great Blue Heron

Silently tearing,

Along to their next lunchtime gaze!

Heron stand very still,

With positive hopes that will…


By fish quickly sworded,

With lightening strike of his bill.

The birds have several ponds,

For fishing in their environs…

One or two strikes

Must limit their likes,

Then fish won’t come near to be preyed upon!

–Jonathan Caswell


American education:

Idealism never did come…

Always bias

“If you don’t like just try us,”

And misfits generally classed “dumb.”

We have made great strides,

But the ideal of college slides…

Leftist filth

It always has built,

Since churches were cast aside.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


Is it okay to marry for looks,

Are hot spouses allowed in your books…

Beautiful babes

Just one of the aids,

To find that partner who cooks.

Find one in the Lord,

For a lifetime you’ll not be bored…

Practical matters

And spiritual factors

All must come on board!

–Jonathan Caswell

Read portions from SONG OF SOLOMON…and Proverbs 31.


Wiring my  layout N scale,

Electric efforts fail…

I like dreaming

industry scheming,

But not putting wire to rail!

Tried a professional job,

The timing and wait played hob…

with my funds

My skills poorly done,

It didn’t work out, there Bob!

Now back on my own,

Have to manage alone…

Diorama \’s cleared

Bare layout’s appeared,

I have to get this done!

–Jonathan Caswell

Photo by the author–a portion of his N scale train layout.