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Darkness patrols

Reaching in for souls…

Flaming sword strike

Fighting Night,

God commands self control.

Who with Him will stand

Against worldly demand…

For compromise

And blinding eyes,

To the wretchedness of Man!

Woman from man’s rib,

Males frequently fib….

Questing for power

Trample flowers,

Then deny they did!

–Jonathan Caswell


According to GROUND ZERO,

Trump may be the hero….

final man

to withstand,

A one-world government credo.

Similarly as how foretold,

Opposition is getting bold…

Both Houses packed

With folks who’ll enact,

What would allow NATO a foothold!

Shadow government’s in place,

Higher-ups we won’t face…


Destroying the free,

Waiting to play their “Ace”.

—Jonathan Caswell

*GROUND ZERO, available by radio and on the Web, with Clyde Lewis, has frequently warned of political undercurrents in American politics.


(John 9: 29)

Massachusetts, my home,

But somewhere else  I came from…

Born in Springfield

Then  far afield,

As far as Binghamton!

A  little involved to explain,

Like the Lord Jesus’ fame…

Nazareth  some

Said He was from,

But not where in a manger He’d lain!

–Jonathan Caswell


The trouble with baked beans,

Is undigested proteins…

Tend to collect

As you’d expect,

Unless extra enzymes  do their thing.

(Like BEANO)

Do you know why church seats are pews,

Carefully add up the clues…

Saturday beans

Provide the means,

If one eats many or phew!

These days, pineapple enzymes,

Are known  to decrease gas lines…

Better fresh

Uncooked, I suggest,

Wise practice for those more refined!

–Jonathan Caswell


He’s not trying to suggest crime,

Just-how do they spend their time…?

Mystic immortal

Or flung through a portal,

Do they go through a nesting time?

Far be it for him to flutter

innuendo and peanut butter…

Female in form

But how are they born,

Please be patient, I’m  trying not to stutter!

Fairies mature and mild,

When give opportunity…

Will they choose adult pursuits

Or Ring Around the Rosie?

Fascinating these questions all,

A topic to discuss…

They are after all–

Just a little like us!

–Jonathan Caswell


Layout planning changes,

History one rearranges…

In the seventies around here

Boats to carry scrap appeared,

In Boston to be filled before market price changes.

When a boat arrived

all area scrap yards came alive…

To fill this boat

all would devote,

A few weeks and then stay alive.

Thus like grain or snow,

Scrapyards have seasonal flow…

Like winter for salt

In autumn would start,

Ship arrival told when to load.

Where was this metal heading,

Japanese car makers  getting…

Ready to sell

More cars that kept well,

Unlike the American vetting!

Rolling stock needed I’ll use,

Body shells from old “choo-choos”…

A yard with two tracks,

‘Though I might take one back,

Lots of switching for short line train crews!

–Jonathan Caswell


–Jonathan Caswell


Modelers, we all try,

To model what meets the eye…

What the eye sees

Has to please,

But is different than the “other guy!”

Some have enough room

To show long trains and cars zoom…

Acres and acres

Of fantasy makers,

Including , in some, Grant’s Tomb!

Others, including myself,

Must fit everything on a shelf…

Loading dock and trains

Not much room remains,

To show a city’s health!

Maybe a cross street,

We’ll squeeze in for a treat…

Splitting the train

So crossings remain,

Open while the puzzle we complete!

–Jonathan Caswell