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Beware of all those scams,

And gods who claim they’re “I AM’s”…

Saying the bible

Isn’t so vital,

And all Christian service pans!

If one SAYS one is Christian but not,

One is liable for judgment “hot”…

Deceiving Man

Is the Devil’s plan,

Are you a part of his plot?

Other religions taking our cues,

Decide to help–that’s news!

The wrongs they claim

Are often their main

Modus operandi, too!

Rather than putting us down,

Rather help all work strong…

Bitter exchange

Is beyond the range,

Of charity work and is wrong!

Based upon observing the posts currently available in the Reader, and the author’s own sense of decency toward relief efforts (the way they should be !).  An Opinion Post.

–Jonathan Caswell



Looking at those who passed by,

His room near a diverging wye…

Female nurses are

His faves by far,

But accepts care from a guy!

He tried not to stare,

Bouncing here and there…

He’s less hot

In running thought,

Less apology to prepare!

His nurse team was superb,

Although one said not a word….

I broke the ice

Then she was nice,

First week in E.R., I heard!

–Jonathan Caswell


May I interject

An opinion that some suspect…

Judgmental at heart

But I would impart

Wisdom  that trend setters reject?

What is the desire to share

The latest in underwear…

Out in plain

Sight–what’s the game?

Are you trying to lose it that night?

As a guy, satin lace,

Is groovy but out of place?

Why advertise

The pleasant surprise–

I know, with the trends to keep pace!

Femininity in the open,

Are designers secretly hoping…

Planned Parenthood

Makes out good,

As result of a young man’s groping?

Ah yes, but it’s the style,

Sit down and listen a while?

Men will be men–

Do you realize you’ve been

An open invitation for his guile?

Yes, guys do think like that,

Canoodling after…a twat…

Give guys a mile

And they’ll make you smile,

Excuses won’t rectify that.

–Jonathan Caswell


Flashing red and blue

Lights go charging through…

The street by our gate

Wailing when they’re late

And traffic they’re coming into.

There’s a nursing home up the hill,

From the highway they come fast and will…

In a straight shot

To hospital’s lot,

Clearing traffic by loud trills!

This year it seems  quite a few

Emergency vehicles through…

All that said

Some folk really dread,

Having to be a passenger, too!