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He’s not trying to suggest crime,

Just-how do they spend their time…?

Mystic immortal

Or flung through a portal,

Do they go through a nesting time?

Far be it for him to flutter

innuendo and peanut butter…

Female in form

But how are they born,

Please be patient, I’m  trying not to stutter!

Fairies mature and mild,

When give opportunity…

Will they choose adult pursuits

Or Ring Around the Rosie?

Fascinating these questions all,

A topic to discuss…

They are after all–

Just a little like us!

–Jonathan Caswell


Janey’s hubby is quite a good guy,

Willing to photograph

Hundreds of “atomicredheads,”

As the blog’s photo staff.

One gal I knew was willing to be

Photographed all of the time…

Or nearly so, to my delight,

I wish I’d not been blind!

Verna somewhere is in someone’s eye,

Posing as cute as can be….

I hope she met the right kind of guy

Who loves her in photography!

–Jonathan Caswell


Since when was this holiday

A Christian jamboree…

And when was it about Christ’s birth


According to those who should know,

It was Winter Solstice time…

The sun was at its lowest point

And then began to climb…!

Christians–former pagans most–

Denied their revelry…

Church leaders wanted evangelized

Pagans who would see…

Christ’s birth celebrated

In holiness and respect,

Become interested and

Come into the church direct.

When the church went political with Emperor Constantine,

Everyone had to join the thing…

It wasn’t necessarily by choice or belief–


Nonbelievers too

Had their own “underground” pews…

The “old ways” by the faithful stays

But not in public view.

Are the roles reversed,

When Christians can be cursed…?

The church’s power can’t make them cower

Or defeat  a pagan purse.

Most do not see the fetters–

Getting worse before it’s better…

Christ is King but suffering

Is for those whose faith matters.

Keep then looking up,

Your redemption draweth nigh…

We will share the communion cup

Till anew with Christ, alive!

–Jonathan Caswell


A quiet Sunday afternoon,

I’m covering for a friend…

Eating buttered pastry cold

And working until his shift’s end.

There must be something wrong with me,

I didn’t attend church…

I’m feeling like it’s deja vu—

Left spiritually in the lurch.

I don’t think the wife fully understands,

I’m not sure I do either…

Instead of going to one or the other

I’m attending neither!

Making a break from old to new

Was easier when alone…

Having eagle eyes watching me

Discourages me at home.

Remembering appointments has

More difficult become…

Seeing my wife’s messiness

Is a double–triple “bum”.

I cannot deny

My losing right and left…

Important things to keep

Of good sense am I bereft?



The skirt my wife’s making

Of patterned corduroy…

Material bought years ago

That she planned to employ.

It took all summer to find

Someone to thread the machine…

A daughter of a neighbor of ours

Who thinks the project keen!

She says she’d going to do it,

Even bought an ironing board…

She says she will  get to it

As soon as her health is restored.

Perhaps I’ve been too lenient,

I want her dreaming to stay…

Accomplishing what she wants to do

Before one of us slips away.

–Jonathan Caswell


September is upon us,

Time for the change

Of foliage and hairdos

A time to rearrange

Colorful poison ivy

In red and yellow hues,

Myriad of colors

Shocked by frosty blues.

Hair colors a-changing,

Professional or by box…

Strawberry blonde conservatively

Colors vivacious locks.

The girl or guy underneath

Supposedly the same,

Putting a new face on things

A part of living game!



He drove up the church road,

The band  and color guard…

Were packing up, driving off

To the next graveyard.

He remembered when service,

At an earlier time…

Participated in honoring

Our honored dead sublime.

He remembers one Sunday, he

Stood in for the pastor’s prayer….

Sweating in his suit

Honoring veterans there!

–Jonathan Caswell



(on his N scale  model train layout)

Determined to start building,

He spiked down the mirrored yard…

It needed measures precisely

Just sticking to it–not hard!

Unhooked another rail section,

It had to be re=aligned…

He’ll have to spike or glue it down–

The home engineers won’t mind.

He’s found a place for the grist mill,

With turning waterwheel…

It may seem a little hokey

But it has that tourist appeal.

The team track at Whitinsville Machine Works

Doesn’t seem very long…

Three-to-four cars is the most it’ll take

but we’ll have to get along!

–Jonathan Caswell



I see on CCTV

Shooting stars of rain…

Caught by outside floodlights,

On the asphalt a glistening stain….!

It’s been doing this on and off

All through this very night…

This rain has become steadier now

Humidity lost its fight.

I didn’t bring a raincoat,

A decision I regret…

But if the rain drops onto my head

I’ve not dissolved yet!

–Jonathan Caswell