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this is MY PARKING LOT!!!

A white SUV drove inside,

Parking way in back to abide…

Insignia’d door

I’d not seen before,

They stayed there–I lengthened my stride.

When I was closing in,

They decided to move again…

With a sweeping turn

Some rubber was burned,

They didn’t want me talking to them.

Took the long way around

And left without sound…

Yellow flashers

Was that a gesture

That they didn’t like giving ground?

I thought I could be shot,

But…it’s MY parking lot…

A man with a cane

May be insane,

This territory is mine–theirs not!

–Jonathan Caswell



Via local channels,

Little plots sprout solar panels…


Is gone like that,

In woodland creature annals!

Every old gravel pit

And lots of the newer ones fit…

Being filled with arrays

To catch sun rays,

For energy profit.

Producing energy costs,

Much higher the birds lost…

Killed by spinning

Blades thinning,

Out enormous flocks!

But who needs all that dead wood,

Just “trash”–no good–

People vote

The almighty volt,

But never have understood.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


Some observations please,

In the midst of all the sleaze…

Republicans say


Wanting to bring him to his knees.

Last  I heard an report,

Democratic campaigners were FOUR…

Obama, his wife,

Bill, Hillary and V.P. strive,

All on the campaign tour.

Other than Gov. Pence,

Trump has no supporting defence…

Mean-spirit guys

Won’t lift their eyes,

Or do anything for Trump hence!

Your Convention really meant naught,

In selfish cruelty caught…

You’re saying “Go to Hell,”

To the people as well,

Acting like you’re Hillary bought!

It’s the hissy-fit people I implore,

FOR ONCE..put your egos out the door…

He’s not from your camps

But give him a chance,

In taxes we’ll always pay more!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An Opinionated Poem)



Obama lectures and moans

Over problems he, himself, owns…

His unending fame

Is to others blame,

Not caring who dies in their homes.

A fool acting crazy

Who can’t control squat calls lazy…

Folks who know

How things ought to go,

But won’t follow him—amazing!

In Laos we’re hardly loved,

Embarrassing is how he’s governed…

If so far away

Do we not hear what he’ll say?

A childish prank of the ungoverned!


(whose opinion is his own!)


She did the best she could.

Compromising…never would…

Caught in quarreling

One person’s snarling,

For weeks her foes withstood.

He applied one day,

Advance notice no one gave…

Expecting to thrive

He Did a nose dive,

He didn’t understand that way.

She was a proficient cleaner,

Ran afoul of one much meaner…

Lady with teeth

Viewed her as beneath,

Unworthy of their “Team Cleaner.”

He trained at one post,

Which he liked the most…

Then was confused

Told  to be used,

For more than just the meat roast!

Her showdown began

Surrounded by the “clan”…

The one attacker

She was no slacker,

No one else spoke up against the spam.

I wish the folks who had sent him had prepared,

Disabilities he had and had aired…

How to use him best

Informational request,

To that agency should have been shared!

She that very night quit,

Putting her spin on it…

He went down in flames—

Neither one stood for games,

Too bad,–they made the best of it.

–Jonathan Caswell.


This morning, many sermons headed,

If Christians don’t unite we’ are shredded…

Love in Spirit–

Honk if you hear it,

Who refuses Him regrets it!

Not a threat as humans know,

Just choice as to where to go…

With pagans

And their makings,

Or truth, mercy and so…!

In marriage and the Body of Christ,

No one becomes holy through heist…

Serving each other

As sister and brother,

Obeying the Father of Lights.

–Jonathan Caswell


Had me a sister never,

Except brother’s wife–whatever…

In community

Some happen to be,

Behavior has found a new lever!

Not going to name names,

But logic demands same games…

Ignoring can be

Great utility,

Dampening overt things toward dames.

What lack of family chops,

One’s friends are good short stops…

Behavioral coppers

Encouraging proper

Attitudes toward safety valves popped.

Some comments better not said,

Women’s power to a man retread…

To realign ways

Of hunger for praise,

Until the unacceptable is dead.

Wives do this too,

Some better at follow through…

Friends desired

Put antes higher,

Will do what they must do!

–Jonathan Caswell



A rain-soaked empty parking lot,

Two geese fly over and land…

They find the banking with wet grass

To nibble on demand.

The anti-goose forces

Must be shut in because of the rain…

Not many actually havereturned–

Success has been attained.

Not many geese come near the walk,

We have one nesting pair…

They seem to ttake it all in stride

Exiled away from here!

–Jonathan Caswell

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