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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  He’s not trying to grandstand—just admit to his guilt of certain motives and conduct and ask forgiveness of those he has wronged–whether or not they feel they were.  It is a part of his Christian belief…being reconciled to God and the ones he has wronged asking forgiveness of both.  There is a Bible basis to all this, which the author believes by faith to be the transcribed word of God to be followed and obeyed.  Especially when he doesn’t!  Questions/Comments are always welcome.

Writer of poetry,

The “fashion” got away from me…

Chasing skirts

Many women hurts,

Of this I am guilty!

Sought “readers” unsuccessfully,

The hidden motive–to see…

What interested

Where saints shouldn’t tread

And pester them endlessly!

The many unreturned visits,

Prove out how wrong is it…

I know my sin

Repenting therein,

Stop this practice is the solution exquisite!

I will  stillreach out,

In subjects not ruled out…

Walk in the flesh

Heavily risks death,

Gotta pull some hot irons out!

The upshot–some I’ll follow–

The rest–if they visit tomorrow…

I’ll respond graciously

But not the pest–not me–

I’ve sinned–I repent in sorrow!

My actions toward those of whom I’ve spoken,

From now on–contact is broken…

This I must do

So they’ll feel safe too,

No need of me in their business poking.

–Jonathan Caswell



The end is another beginning,

At least we end this one grinning…

My relief arrives

And I say “bye”,

Driving home to end the inning.

I guess he needed to roam,

Less beauty than there was, at home…

He’s older too

Abilities run through,

With less things working when done!

Beauty and conversation,

Not much of the latter this run…

No one got going

I wasn’t showing

Much need for conversation!

Met hew bloggers (to me),

I wonder who visits eventually?

Most will accept

Comments but not step (?)

Into this blog..if just to see.

Thanks to the regulars who tag along,

You are faithful companions–for how long?

When tired of me

Whole new worlds to see,

Each of us in our own ways, move along!

–Jonathan Caswell


The average male fashion poet,

Is there anyone else–do you know it…?

Has to watch what he’ll say

Or feelings sway,

And soon enough–he own’s it!

He must tread carefully,

Asking permission to be…

Commenting on

What women don,

Without being their enemy!

Safer to do it on line,

Where at least we’re having good times (?)…

A funny nose

May come to blows,

If not with careful crafting each time.

–Jonathan Caswell


I do not mock your service,

To which I seemed impervious…

I honor you

For trying to,

Help me find inner purpose.

Relaxation techniques,

I’ll use as system tweaks…

I trust very few–

Not sure I did you–

I’ve been pushed up too many creeks.

I’d have trusted better had you,

Revealed your assumptions and view…

Rather than say “no”

That’s not where we’ll go,

And what you’re sharing goes too!

This apparent secrecy,

I’m sure you’ll contradict me…

About what’s behind

Your drawn blinds,

Did not prove consistency.

Near the end you seemed fixed,

One goal to which should have clicked…

“Spirit” is not by whim

The Holy One–I follow Him,

Any other “spirit” is suspect.

It’s obvious when you and Doctor,

Shove it back on me as you think proper…

The Spirit you deny

HAS CHANGED this guy,

I’ve heard this before: it’s my fault, undoctored.

Unless you take the time,

You’ll never read this rhyme…

I’m not demanding

Your understanding,

You didn’t take the time.


(Not that it matters.)


God rest you merry shoppers,

Let nothing you dismay…

Remember sales are going on

This after-Christmas day,

You’ll save yourself a bundle for

What credit cards will pay–

O-oh tidings comfort if employed–

If employed,

O-oh comforts of after Christmas joy!

–Jonathan Caswell

(My apologies to whomever prefers the original words to this Christmas carol!)


You see her eyes are waiting

For the shoe to drop…

“What will he say awkward today,

He’s unable to stop.

Hear those warning bells

Whenever he stops by…

Here where he dwells—

I have to watch this guy!

He and she were friends,

Friendly, anyway…

Until he shot his mouth off

Pulling away.

What was an enjoyable job,

Became a little riskier…

He is sad when he sees

Her eyes concerned not mistier!



It’s not like he knew he would,

Do it to himself good…

Just that

In a matter of fact,

It’s what he understood.

Knowing his temperament,

He wasn’t quite innocent…


Made safely,

Less chance she’d fear the gent.

He’s saddened by the whole thing,

Knowing his own being…

Trying to place

Her in his space,

One-sided deal not working.

With vigor abated,

It’s easier to stay related…

To his one friend–

His Missus again–

No other targets anticipated!