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Familiar with these railroad lines,

Central New York State on time…

Delivery pursuit

Of harvested fruit,

Just up my interest line!

One brand using rail there is MOTT’S,

Applesauce, canned fruit, lots…


The railroad’s busy,

Pulling loads from loading spots.

My friends, Jim and Cornelia Mead,

Who on our Honeymoon guaranteed…

A ride on their train

A kind gesture of them,

I helped Tioga Central* succeed!

Jim Mead and Ontario Lines,

There railroad experience finds…

And Number Fourteen

Was obtained through them,

For “our” Museum on the main line!

–Jonathan Caswell

*See “NUMBER FOURTEEN’S FANCY DRES”, posted July 3rd.

The Tioga Central Railroad ran excursion trains and later freight trains out of Owego, New York, in conjunction with the nearby Tioga Transportation Museum.




Hearing ambulance sirens

Close by our environs…

Holiday times tough

Because not enough,

Visits or family inquiring.

At our place ambulances come,

Near every other week for some…

More when lonely

Knowing the only

Events are in Common Room fun.

Alone in a room,

Nobody coming by soon…

Why take care

With no one there,

Waiting for death to come soon?

This Thanksgiving Day,

Turkey dinners for those who stay…

While I’m at work

My wife’ll help twerk,

The spirits of those left alone that Day!

Our neighbor, Dianne is cooking

A turkey or two–others looking–

To stuffing and sides

Maybe less “red truck” rides,

And dessert for any not working!

–Jonathan Caswell


Alaska Airlines unstumped,

How to used residue dumped…

From forest waste

To jet fuel base,

Petroleum use is bumped…!

Waste needn’t rot on the ground,

If salient uses are found…

Jet fuel lasts

(With lots  logging “slash”)…

Renewable resources abound!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Based on a post in the Word Press Reader–in the Alaska Airlines Blog)


The wind rifles my pages,

But I’d stay out here for ages…

The sunlight mild

And leaves whipping wild,

Are stuff of artists and sages!

Men and women add

Layers–not so bad…

Gusts turn cold

Making old,

People miss what they had.

Seasons keep turning around,

Soon snow and cold abound…

Snow flakes flying

Over seagulls crying,

For scraps along the ground!

–Jonathan Caswell


He wishes he hadn’t gone

To see what the computer had on…

His tormentor–

Chief presenter–

Told him, just leave the leeches on!

Images on a screen,

Exposure to the obscene…

Big regret

That he let,

Those pictures into daydreams!

Exposing more to the eye,

Continues the fading high…

Holding his ground

At least is sound,

But the germ in his brain won’t die.

More and more guys struggle,

Seeing will power puddles…

Melt to the core

Without God to shore

Up the man in his muddle.



Up here in the North East,

Autumn’s become a feast…

Of summer-like temps.

Foliage that tempts,

For a week at least!

I have a few days left,

To photo colors I think best…

A little green

Few dead branches seen,

But color on most of the rest.

And there are flowers to catch,

Before killing frost wrecks…

Color abounds

Perfumed air around,

The leaving of the last batch!

–Jonathan Caswell


As of ten o’clock this morning ’twas here,

Ending of summer for this year…

The picnics you knew

And the hotdogs chewed,

And friends bring memories’ cheer.

Remember when old and grey,

Bittersweet feelings today…

More coats–no bikinis–

Autumn weather, harvest gleanings–

Perhaps a good time by the bay?

Green turning brown,

Halloween candy’s around…

Colorful days

In cooling haze,

Thanksgiving…soon inbound!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Each haiku is an individual poem, though related to the others)

White dots gone from lakes,

Swans are training their young ones…

Soon…to take over!


Last-of-season sales,

Clearing out for winter stock…

Cars, clothes…furniture!


Cicada around,

Ringing waves of night time sound…

Sign of Fall’s approach!


Our Cottage refuge,

Once the family respite…

Has met a great fall.


When the landscapers

Remove summer plants and all…

Chrysanthemums awe!


Redheads turn back blonde,

Their hot summer is over…

Cooling off…is fun!

(Don’t “blondes have more fun?”)


Fat flies come indoors,

Escaping Fall’s chill…

People do so, too!


–Jonathan E. Caswell



Wonders tend to appear,

Wild turkeys or white-tailed deer…

Feeding on grasses

As traffic passes,

Are seasonal visits here!

No one I know has disturbed

This haven in  the suburbs…

Traffic roar

They’ve heard before,

No reason to be unnerved.

Sometimes my hopes advanced,

See a turkey when it’s just a tree branch…


Isn’t scheduled you see,

Be ready–for the world is our ranch!

–Jonathan Caswell



I see another partial crate

Of apples That someone did donate…

Will tomorrow see

My wife rope me

Into  applesauce or pie filling make?

She has nearly two crates now,

Processing all those somehow…

Applesauce frozen

I think she’s chosen

The best way to preserve and stow.

–Jonathan Caswell,