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The trouble with baked beans,

Is undigested proteins…

Tend to collect

As you’d expect,

Unless extra enzymes  do their thing.

(Like BEANO)

Do you know why church seats are pews,

Carefully add up the clues…

Saturday beans

Provide the means,

If one eats many or phew!

These days, pineapple enzymes,

Are known  to decrease gas lines…

Better fresh

Uncooked, I suggest,

Wise practice for those more refined!

–Jonathan Caswell


A SPRITE…whispered in my ear,

Where have our people gone….

Something called “Democracy”

They claim has gone terribly wrong!

They ignore us despite our cries,

They say the winner’s wrong…

They look at us with evil eyes

No more to sing our songs?

They claim all the voters are

taken by a plot…

They’re not happy with the choice

that the people got?

Even sprites and fairies know

That corruption is evil…

but will these former friends see that—

Maybe they never will!

I guess like Puff the Dragon,

Who lived by the sea….

these spoiled children are no friends

Of folks thinking positively!

How we miss our friends who were

filled with love who now hate…

When will they stop this foolish quest

and come to us and celebrate?

–Jonathan Caswell

Poet and friendly to fairies in general.  😀




Some observations please,

In the midst of all the sleaze…

Republicans say


Wanting to bring him to his knees.

Last  I heard an report,

Democratic campaigners were FOUR…

Obama, his wife,

Bill, Hillary and V.P. strive,

All on the campaign tour.

Other than Gov. Pence,

Trump has no supporting defence…

Mean-spirit guys

Won’t lift their eyes,

Or do anything for Trump hence!

Your Convention really meant naught,

In selfish cruelty caught…

You’re saying “Go to Hell,”

To the people as well,

Acting like you’re Hillary bought!

It’s the hissy-fit people I implore,

FOR ONCE..put your egos out the door…

He’s not from your camps

But give him a chance,

In taxes we’ll always pay more!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An Opinionated Poem)


I wonder how many remember

The “August trots” into September?…

Tomatoes galore

Receiving more,

A bounty for family members!

We like that spaghetti squash.

Over-cooked with panache…

She like stir fry

With enough to try,

And no leftovers tossed.

Certain things we don’t eat,

But berries and oatmeal are neat…

With enough ice cream

With berries–a dream–

Enough fruit we’ll less likely cheat.

Fresh vegetables are the prize,

Overwhelming the eyes…

With no BEANO here

The air’s never clear,

Prepared ones are ever wise!