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She did the best she could.

Compromising…never would…

Caught in quarreling

One person’s snarling,

For weeks her foes withstood.

He applied one day,

Advance notice no one gave…

Expecting to thrive

He Did a nose dive,

He didn’t understand that way.

She was a proficient cleaner,

Ran afoul of one much meaner…

Lady with teeth

Viewed her as beneath,

Unworthy of their “Team Cleaner.”

He trained at one post,

Which he liked the most…

Then was confused

Told  to be used,

For more than just the meat roast!

Her showdown began

Surrounded by the “clan”…

The one attacker

She was no slacker,

No one else spoke up against the spam.

I wish the folks who had sent him had prepared,

Disabilities he had and had aired…

How to use him best

Informational request,

To that agency should have been shared!

She that very night quit,

Putting her spin on it…

He went down in flames—

Neither one stood for games,

Too bad,–they made the best of it.

–Jonathan Caswell.

Those are…MY NUTS!!!!

Those are…MY NITS!!!!!

No reason for being upset,

Or for either to fret…

His being possessive

Becoming aggressive,

Is not worth the sudden regret.

He bought those nuts FOR HIM,

Peanuts to use up insulin…

The wife takes–

For hunger’s sake,

Who says she’s the right to break in?

He really should explain his feelings,

Even if there’s no change in dealings…

Perhaps arranged

With minimal change,

She could find a way to not hurt his feelings?

Obsessiveness isn’t mature,

But antagonizing isn’t a cure…

So reason may rule

Make a learning tool,

With peanuts, boundaries to school.

–Jonathan Caswell



The employment costs of autism

Include the husband’s schism…

Away from that home

Leaving wife all alone

To make it without his decision.

The mother scarcely provides

Enough so the children survive…

As for she,


As in battle doth thrive!

To many mothers are rattled,

By sickness that they’ve battled…

At work or home

They’re never alone,

Night times are just as addled.

Many autistic children wander

At night or day out yonder…

Parents rarely know

When the kids will go,

A frightening thought to ponder!

Employers taking notice

Have started form justified motives…

To find ways

For employee’s days,

With autistic  kids  to be work-devoted.

The radio program on WTAG,

Out of Worcester, Mass., clearly

Mentioned resources

And other courses,

To find support for thee.


On this date, the program to know…

Check it out on the Web–

Mom’s soul needs be fed–

Her emotional gas tank is dangerously low!

–Jonathan Caswell

* THE JORDAN LEVY SHOW airs 3-6 PM, weekday afternoons on WTAG Radio,,… 580 AM and 94.9 FM….an “I-Heart Radio Station”. The topic was an Employers’ Conference on Mental Health.