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His endocrinologist said,

Get controlled or soon be dead…*


And he’s still alive,

But a little out of his head!

Activated payment card tonight,

For a change in insulin slight…

More concentrated

And highly rated,

To help him learn to fly right.

Management is still key,

Discouragement makes you sloppy…

Takes self-control

To fulfill this role,

It can be done honestly!

–Jonathan Caswell


Young ones tend to learn fast,

How to an impression last…

How to pose hips

With smiling lips,

To garner attention fast!

So often a little tilt

Will a man’s heart wilt…

Practised form

Impressions warm,

Attraction or sudden guilt.

For her man behind the lens,

She makes attractive bends…

Not for me–

For marriage sanctity–

She flirts with him for love’s ends!

–Jonathan Caswell


Layout planning changes,

History one rearranges…

In the seventies around here

Boats to carry scrap appeared,

In Boston to be filled before market price changes.

When a boat arrived

all area scrap yards came alive…

To fill this boat

all would devote,

A few weeks and then stay alive.

Thus like grain or snow,

Scrapyards have seasonal flow…

Like winter for salt

In autumn would start,

Ship arrival told when to load.

Where was this metal heading,

Japanese car makers ¬†getting…

Ready to sell

More cars that kept well,

Unlike the American vetting!

Rolling stock needed I’ll use,

Body shells from old “choo-choos”…

A yard with two tracks,

‘Though I might take one back,

Lots of switching for short line train crews!

–Jonathan Caswell


–Jonathan Caswell


We aging as a group,

Naturally have things droop…

Foundations here

Help youth appear,

Some semblance of beauty reboot!



MOXIE, that grand old stuff,

Had sales enough…

To beat out COKE–

It was no joke–

But the market was getting tough!

Looking at advertising,

Differences not surprising…

Conservative dressed

Were MOXIE’S best,

Respectfully advising!

COKE went for the kill,

Featured women less clothed or still…


Suggesting MOXIE

Was for the older or ill…!

COKE offered an active life,

Excitement with COKE was rife…

Barely dressed pretty women

MOXIE’S market dimming,

MOXIE, once strong, lost the fight!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image result for coca cola women in ads


Closer and closer to time,

Pizza orders climb…

People busy

Cooks are dizzy,

And this sure saves them time!

In nursing home work,

Pizza the common perk…

Folks outside

Would come take aside,

What wasn’t ¬†done when THEY worked!

Tonight, safety training

Is why pizza’s reigning…

Convenient reward

For staying on board,

Munching while knowledge retaining!



Don’t understand his apathy,

He seems withdrawing from me…

So his wife says

Rather amazed,

He’s given up completely!

Pedaling as fast as he can,

Overwhelmed by the season’s demands…

Pace then slows

Sanity goes,

His mind like a double-quick band.

Focusing on the best,

That need doing before rest…

Having burnout

Is no one’s fault

But let’s pray he comes back with zest!

–Jonathan Caswell