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All kinds of stories about Him,

Major magazines by their whim…

Pile up “facts”

From historical “acts”

Pushing faith so thin.

Glorious videotography,

Impressing the simple like me…

Easily swayed

With not much aid,

Cast doubt on Jesus’ deity!

“Christian scholars” are used,

In programs where faith is disabused…

Faith in God’s word

Portrayed as absurd,

Is implied and accused.

Subtle persuasion proceeds,

knocking support from God’s deeds…

Historical’s fine

But draw the line,

Or your Accuser succeeds!’-

I’ve heard the insults of men,

And arguments of religion…

That cunningly catch

Your faith dispatch,

Woo you to legalism!

Stand firm even to stand,

Don’t be deceived even then…

Christ is your King

Give God everything,

Don’t stay submerged in you sin.

–Jonathan Caswell



Christian scholars  agree,

Christ’s return comes quickly…

A terrible time

Tribulation lined

Coming inevitably!

Prognosticators at night,

On radio say that’s right…

A really bad time

Coming down the line,

Could be a survival fight.

When these two groups say the same,

Look out for “what’s his name”…

The man of evil

Arrives to wheedle,

His power bases and fame.

See thou duly this warning,

A lot  near future storming…

Social upheaval

Sold out to evil,

The one world government is forming!

–Jonathan Caswell


(1st Corinthians 13: 12)

Now I see in part–

In time I’ll see the whole…

Until then I’ll strive

To better define my role.

In this darkened world

Christ’s disciples are the light…

We must stay close to God,

Reflecting His true Light.

One day I will know

Even as I’m known…

When looking back

I’ll seen how I’ve grown.

Hard times are coming–

If not already here–

When light will be tested

‘Though Love casts out all fear!

(1st John  4:18)

–Jonathan Caswell


Been putting off reading these Songs,

The wife would read along…

He sees no point

In reading it joint,

When acting them out is gone!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Ephesians 1: 1-6; 15-23)

Open my eyes, oh Lord Most High,

That I see and comprehend…

All the Spirit  found in Thy Word–

The Wisdom that has no end.

Brothers and sisters praying for me,

Uplifting me through prayer…

That I may see and practice–

Avoiding demonic snare!

Shepherd and under-shepherd both,

Ply Christ Jesus’ troth,

His Body–His Bride–

The Church might abide

In the mind of Christ with growth.

Strengthen then your resolve,

To ask Spirit’s help to see…

All God’s wonder, power and mercy

And with the same, treating me!

If forceful men and women

Can hoodwink the American news crowd…

And not challenged for their deception,

We humble ourselves–not Proud.

If they can’t see through veiling,

How then can we…

Except humble asking for wisdom

From our Father God in eternity?

If only…the Christians would rise up–

If only they believed for sure…

That Christ, God’s Son, gave us Power

In His Spirit to do and endure!

–Jonathan Caswell



Immanuel Jesus Christ

Was called in prophecy…

It wasn’t a name, per se,

But God lives within me.

God with us–

The literal translation….

In  the flesh as a man,

His Spirit in all nations!

We are the temples of the Lord

If we Him believe…

Confess your sin and make it plain

His Spirit you’ll receive.

–Jonathan Caswell



Christmas shopping lasts

Through Christmas at every sale

Great sales in August!

Hungrier each minute

See a cook pot–what’s in it?

EW–slimy fish  worms!

Green Christmas forecast,

Not time yet for winter blast…

How ’bout white spray paint?

Pickings very thin,

Bonus check  kept them afloat…

Gift lists shorter still!

In America,

Children dream of many things…

How many come true?

Sleigh bells vibrating,

For deep snow they are waiting…

Bicycle wheels on?

No children at all,

Our celebration is small…

Christ comes in the flesh!!!

God to man did come,

Through Mary the bless-ed one…

Defenseless baby!

Wise men followed stars,

Herod’s hatred bore him scars….

Tricked, he killed them all!

Festive parties run

Glitter edifies no one…

Believe and choose God!

When all is silent,

Reflect on Jesus being…

Born to live, then die!

–Jonathan Caswell