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First God-given fabric was skins,

Possibly lamb once within…

Fig leave basting

Not long-lasting,

The first sacrifice for sin.

Regular sacrifice

Became part of ancient life…

Covering sin

Lodged deep within,

For God couldn’t look upon vice!

Someday–Genesis 3: 16–

God ultimately intervenes…

God and man

Yet one, by plan,

Would satisfy the gap in-between.

That man is Jesus Christ,

Yeshua…Messiah ( in the Greek means  Christ)…

Mosaic Law–

He fulfilled it all,

With a perfect life and sacrifice.

His death and resurrection,

Was the ultimate connection…

Between God’s creation

And Himself—the nations–

Can CHOOSE their course correction!

How does God and man

Reconcile–the Bible shows we can…

God wooing us back

To being His with no lack,

Have faith in Christ–both God and man.

–Jonathan Caswell


Reading a devotional tome,

Which again brought me back home…

To complain

Why disdain

On letting God’s Spirit roam?

I mean, in assignment or gift,

Pastors and teachers “lift”…


In the Spirit be free,

To be for many people His gift.

God’s word says all receive,

Especially those who believe…

Holy Spirit gifts

To each He sifts,

As needed, God’s will to achieve.*

It doesn’t say only one,

Gift gets everything done…

Hence the mission

Isn’t just one commission,

Be available whatever is done!

Who are we to limit God,**

King David would think that odd…

He was many things

In his life several strings

All at the same time were trod!

You yourselves know this truth,

Many things must be handled in youth…

One gets dizzy

At all angles busied,

But God works in all…forsooth!***

You know why gifts sought just one,

It’s less about what’s done…

One primary label

Assures folks are able,

To feel they are someone.****

–Jonathan Caswell

*Read…in the Holy Bible…First Corinthians Chapter 12: verses 10 and 11.

**Ephesians 2:7…the limitless of God in Jesus Christ.

***See…The gospel of John 14: 26…and The Letter to the Colossians 1: 20….and Paul’s Letter to the Romans 8: 27-29.

****NOTE: The author’s personal opinion.


(Read 2nd Corinthians 7: 11)

An Adult Subject Poem

A Christian feels sad,

Realizing more than a tad…

He’d gone overboard

Behaving untoward,

Mourning ’cause he’d been had!

In his personal sin

He’d let the enemy sneak in…

In certain ways

Our minds play,

Corrupting the soul within.

Certain things lure fantasy,

Enticing our own fancy…

Pictures and prose

Hooks one’s nose,

And mind in a trance, tragically!

Avoiding it all is best,

But if  Evil builds a nest…

The penalty for sin

Christ did in,

Repent now and enter His rest!

–Jonathan Caswell


This morning, many sermons headed,

If Christians don’t unite we’ are shredded…

Love in Spirit–

Honk if you hear it,

Who refuses Him regrets it!

Not a threat as humans know,

Just choice as to where to go…

With pagans

And their makings,

Or truth, mercy and so…!

In marriage and the Body of Christ,

No one becomes holy through heist…

Serving each other

As sister and brother,

Obeying the Father of Lights.

–Jonathan Caswell


(1st Corinthians 13: 12)

Now I see in part–

In time I’ll see the whole…

Until then I’ll strive

To better define my role.

In this darkened world

Christ’s disciples are the light…

We must stay close to God,

Reflecting His true Light.

One day I will know

Even as I’m known…

When looking back

I’ll seen how I’ve grown.

Hard times are coming–

If not already here–

When light will be tested

‘Though Love casts out all fear!

(1st John  4:18)

–Jonathan Caswell


He never had a black book,

Little or other to look…

For phone numbers

For intimate slumbers,

He didn’t have that kind of hook!

As a TV preacher taught,

The guy saw he was caught…

Viewing cataloged

Lingerie jogged

His conscience to what he ought not…!

Watching real ones–okay–

Not drooling for lingerie…

The problem with it,

If his wife doesn’t fit,

Then his attention is drawn away!

Not all he knows agree,

Men do things naturally…

but for him

It became sin–

He wants to live righteously!

–Jonathan Caswell

(It was actually this week’s THE BLESSED LIFE, with Robert Morris being referenced)

See also Matthew 5: 27-28.


The latter part of Ephesians Four,

Verse twenty , so forth, is the core…

Of counseling

Objectives to swing,

Toward not “doing that” anymore!

–Jonathan Caswell


The King of all creation

Calls to us this morn…

Come into My throne room,

You who are reborn!

Come, thou blessed of the Lord,

Into His throne room sing…

Praising all His glories

Oh let the heavens ring.

You the sheep of His fold

On this or yonder hills…

Praise with word and song and lyre

And the giving of your wills!

All praise to Most High God who stoops

To greet His children redeemed…

Clothed in His righteous Son

Kept from the Accuser’s schemes.

–J. E. Caswell

(Jonathan Caswell)



(A poetic presentation)

Paul–and I, as well–

Pray the God’s Spirit may swell…

Your increasing sight

To do what’s right,

And to God’s great benefits tell!

Open Thou our eyes,

To Thy incomparable size…

And all Thy power

On believers shower,

Enlighten our hearts hope-wise!

Paul prayed for them every day,

That God might show them His way…

I’ll do no less

For whom God tests

Abundantly lives Christ’s way.

–Jonathan Caswell