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Have no other gods before Him,

Not even by innocent whim…

It’s suicidal

To worship an idol,

Walking on ice very thin.

So periodically

He must sort his files to see…

What grabs his heart–

With that he must part,

‘Tis better than hypocrisy!

Culling out accumulations

Of any conflagrations,,,

That hold him fast

He will cast,

Out for sanctification.

–Jonathan Caswell


Pasta with home-baked beans,

A way to combine proteins…

Producing less gas

The combined repast,

All he needs is to eat more greens!

He went too fast in food stoking,

Stopping for a fit of choking…

Must better chew

His food or it’s true,

He’ll require some life-saving poking!

If one is deceased and they ask it,

What made him choke his last fit…

Pasta and beans

Were the fatal means,

With which he was put in a casket!




Certain times he’ll confess

To any woman he might trust…

Certain things within his soul

He feels are a must.

Not the best way to interest

A female in ¬†his needy quest…


Are more honest!

Almost as though the sharing

Prompted caring…

Exposing is supposing

That she’s willing to allow him in for a time.

He’ll try this with anyone

He thinks will respond…

Even rejection or a small response

Is some kind of accepted response

(Though not the one rarely received–yet hoped for!)

A cross between an mother and a lover,

An impossible cross to be…

Yet be exposed to him “without clothes”

Offering embraces free.

I don’t know anyone who would

Submit to such a scheme…

Apparently can’t get it at home,

But at least the guy can dream!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Another “hypothetical” poem!)


Fat on adults stays put,

Did you really think that it would…

In the same boat

At LEAST we float,

But losing it is to the good!

In my home there’s less food money,

Other auto=pay’s are taking it, Honey…

As portions decrease

Fat-gaining will cease,

Feeling better helps the running.

My friend listen to me,

Your food increased lethargy…

Blood sugar depression

Causes regression,

Eat smarter and move–you’ll see!

–Jonathan Caswell


My counselor  correctly,

Advised I face my problems directly…

With “E-Bay” mystique

I am up a creek,

Failed to quit once, dejectedly!

A penchant for “RS-1’s”

Have over-strained my funds…

So many bought

More than I ought,

Waiting for when the collection runs!

A second attempt to quit,

E-bay won’t let me do it…

It needs time

My account to decline,

But my reasons are very legit.!

–Jonathan Caswell


A mine for “unobtanium”

At Clark’s Trading Post,

In mid-state of New Hampshire

May have coined the term first…

But he has ore of his

Named just the same,

It isn’t mined but “isn’t mine”

Part of a mental game!

He thinks he needs people

Whom he’ll never meet,

Who’ll be good examples

Of folks on which he’s sweet…

Based solely on peripherals

Not likely face-to-face,

It’s a sort of warped reality

In reality’s place!

He’ll focus on a particular

Feature or a style,

To generalize fantasy

To generate a smile…

If he’d just be more comfortable

with real people nearby,

He would not have to pretend

With a tearful eye!

We hope he learns to wake up

And seek out friendships real,

Not shallow generated

Images to feel,

In all his isolation

He’s held onto a few,

Who aren’t just fuzzy figments

With no living to do.

He’s getting so long-winded

I’m sure few understand,

The shadows around him–

He is a lonely man–

Apparently has not grown up

But will harshly criticize,

While missing opportunity

Right before his eyes!




Birthday cards received none,

Hardly anyone…

From family or friends

Justified ends,

He’s driven away every one?

(A recurring theme poem.)

High School folks pushed away

Ignored to this day…

He drove out

Anyone stout

Enough to stay!

Family’s been ignored,

Conflicts are left unrestored…

Gave up trying

And no use crying

About what went by the board.

Doesn’t keep good friends long,

Never opening up for long…


And indicted

Guilt without association!

Restored connections who,

Are from his past, very few…

Sees what he’s done–

It’s no fun–

Not much now can he do.(?)



Christian scholars  agree,

Christ’s return comes quickly…

A terrible time

Tribulation lined

Coming inevitably!

Prognosticators at night,

On radio say that’s right…

A really bad time

Coming down the line,

Could be a survival fight.

When these two groups say the same,

Look out for “what’s his name”…

The man of evil

Arrives to wheedle,

His power bases and fame.

See thou duly this warning,

A lot ¬†near future storming…

Social upheaval

Sold out to evil,

The one world government is forming!

–Jonathan Caswell


He hasn’t had much sleep at night,

His muscles sore and cramped…

Daydreaming again at night–

No wonder his nerves are well-tamped?

Dwelling upon the improbable,

All personal pleasuring…

Wake and smell the coffee Sir–

You wear a wedding ring!

None of us has had it ideal,

We all do the best we can…

We know you want more sex appeal…

At your age this is planned?

Pictures, videos almost free

Do indeed have price…

Get yourself off the frozen deep lake

Before someone melts the ice!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Read 2nd Corinthians 7: 11)

An Adult Subject Poem

A Christian feels sad,

Realizing more than a tad…

He’d gone overboard

Behaving untoward,

Mourning ’cause he’d been had!

In his personal sin

He’d let the enemy sneak in…

In certain ways

Our minds play,

Corrupting the soul within.

Certain things lure fantasy,

Enticing our own fancy…

Pictures and prose

Hooks one’s nose,

And mind in a trance, tragically!

Avoiding it all is best,

But if ¬†Evil builds a nest…

The penalty for sin

Christ did in,

Repent now and enter His rest!

–Jonathan Caswell