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I CALL….by Carl Gooch

I Call

In times of lack or in time of wealth;

In times of sickness or time of health,

The Lord does protect and provide,

His love and mercy He does not hide.

Our God is a powerful God,

Our God is a merciful God.

To Him we offer our tribute of praise,

He is the God that blesses our days.

We, who are many, gather as one,

To lift voices in praise to God’s Son.

His Spirit fills us till we overflow,

Then His love we can’t help but show.

Our God is righteous and just,

Our God is the one we can trust.

He has proven His love in every age,

His word promises it on every page.

On a rugged old cross, long ago,

He bled and died His love to show.

With His blood He paid the price,

It was for us that He did sacrifice.

It is the God of mercy and might,

That guards us in this perilous fight.

So when I feel weak and small,

It is to Him, my Lord God that I call.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 August 2015

FREEDOM…by Carl Gooch


Freedom = the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

It is not a guarantee that we will be correct or true when we do so.

Freedom gives us the right to be wrong.

Remember the same “Freedom” that gives you the right to act, speak and think, was also given to me.

So if what I say or think differs from what you are saying and thinking, that doesn’t mean I hate you. It just means we disagree.

I can’t force you to conform to my way of thinking,

I wouldn’t even try to. That would deny you the right to be wrong. But on the other hand I will not surrender my beliefs and values to make you feel comfortable. Just because the majority feel / believe a certain way does not mean it is the correct way. Nor does it mean I am required to agree with it.

Remember “Freedom” isn’t free. People had to stand up for each other rights. People like you and me.

“Freedom” is not a free pass! There are always consequences for our actions. We can not intentionally hurt or damage someone physically and call it exercising our “Freedom”. Nor should we create or misuse laws to deny “freedom”.

We need to return to core values and basic truths

To discern what is real and just; then stand firmly exercising our “freedom”.

My freedom has nothing to do with you. My freedom has been granted me by God’s own Son, and I will forever be free in Him. And just to let you know…. I am free to say “I love you“.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 July 2015

BATTLE AT HAND…by Carl Gooch

Battle at Hand

The line is drawn in the sand;
Decide where it is you stand.
This is a time of distraction,
Beware what is your attraction.

What do you base what is real?
What you see or how you feel?
Your eyes are so easy to deceive,
And emotions too weak to believe.

On what do you base truth?
On values learned from youth,
Or what someone has to say?
What has proven to stay?

Focus! The battle is at hand.
Seek what it is God’s command.
Hold fast to His word each day
That you may not be pulled away.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 June 2015