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(The Book of Genesis 32: 22-32)

Jacob renamed Israel,

Strove with the Lord’s Angel…

Up went the sun

Both had won,

As Israel’s hip pain would tell!

Wrestled all night with God,

Stubbornly living abroad…

Planted when

They were then,

God’s loving shoulders are broad.

The “Liar” became the “Winner”,

In faith so can all sinners…

Truly find cleansing

Relationship mending,

To break out of spiritual winters!

A new Creation was he,

The lying was gone you see…

In its place

Active holy grace,

The Angel brought him to his knees.

The Bible says he strove with God,

Not a man or a vision odd…

The pre-incarnate Christ

Before His birth night,

Was the Angel of God!

God striving with man,

Doesn’t flatten us although He certainly can…

But gives choice

Listening to His voice,

Instead of a absolute demand!

God wants love voluntary,

Not robotic or ancillary…

Jacob renamed

By the Most High Name,

Became a friend of God, not adversary.

–Jonathan Caswell

(Caught from a recent WALK IN THE WORD Radio broadcast series)


Have no other gods before Him,

Not even by innocent whim…

It’s suicidal

To worship an idol,

Walking on ice very thin.

So periodically

He must sort his files to see…

What grabs his heart–

With that he must part,

‘Tis better than hypocrisy!

Culling out accumulations

Of any conflagrations,,,

That hold him fast

He will cast,

Out for sanctification.

–Jonathan Caswell


Reading a devotional tome,

Which again brought me back home…

To complain

Why disdain

On letting God’s Spirit roam?

I mean, in assignment or gift,

Pastors and teachers “lift”…


In the Spirit be free,

To be for many people His gift.

God’s word says all receive,

Especially those who believe…

Holy Spirit gifts

To each He sifts,

As needed, God’s will to achieve.*

It doesn’t say only one,

Gift gets everything done…

Hence the mission

Isn’t just one commission,

Be available whatever is done!

Who are we to limit God,**

King David would think that odd…

He was many things

In his life several strings

All at the same time were trod!

You yourselves know this truth,

Many things must be handled in youth…

One gets dizzy

At all angles busied,

But God works in all…forsooth!***

You know why gifts sought just one,

It’s less about what’s done…

One primary label

Assures folks are able,

To feel they are someone.****

–Jonathan Caswell

*Read…in the Holy Bible…First Corinthians Chapter 12: verses 10 and 11.

**Ephesians 2:7…the limitless of God in Jesus Christ.

***See…The gospel of John 14: 26…and The Letter to the Colossians 1: 20….and Paul’s Letter to the Romans 8: 27-29.

****NOTE: The author’s personal opinion.



Christians die to the old self,

Beginning life anew…

What they were is repented of,

To take on god’s own view.

Taking on the mind of Christ

Old practices fall away…

What you were before is not

What you’re striving to become today.

“Gay” Christian…which will it be?

Do murderers put their sins first too…

Which will it be: gay or saved…

That answer is up to you.

Nobody says that if one is struggling

First one must get free…

We depend on His grace for our salvation

Not perfect Christianity!

Following Christ–He must be first

In thought and word and deed…

Putting Him first in your title

Shows that you’re humbly in need.

I’ve identified by denomination

And all of the tradition therein…

Then my eyes were opened a fresh way

That I must solely identify with Him.

Whom do you serve, is it gay rights or lesbian

People who struggle for their own rights…

Humble yourselves and regard the Saviour

Who will lead you to heavenly heights!

–Jonathan Caswell



If I could hear the curlew,

He’d say,”time for curfew!”

Writing time is done

Quickly comes the sun

And more things on Sunday to do!

I’ll rinse out my borrowed cup,

Shut down the lights and pack up…

Sleeping til morning

And alarm clock’s warning

That now I’d better get up.

Will be good getting to church prayer

And the worship singing there…

My favorigte part

Is the Praise Song start,

For older hymns the younger ones don’t much care!

–Jonathan Caswell



I saw his wife in back,

Watching her husband act…

Cool with teens

Knowing his beans,

Preaching with Biblical fact.

He gave near a one-man show,

The world outside cold snow…

Made prophets real,

Their spiritual zeal

Something we all should know!

The Christmas service held many,

The church didn’t turn away any…

Small sanctuary

With Christians merry,

A picture both soft and grainy.

He got the admiration

While she takes her quiet station…

In love for him,

His ministerial vim

And its administration.

Her eyes remain on her man,

Honoring him in God’s plan…

Praying him through

Each service new,

Being what help she can.

–Jonathan Caswell