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Stranger outcomes happen,

When opportunity’s tapping,

Wanting in

And you begin

Writing ideas you’re trapping!

He’s written ’bout Christ and trains–

Weather seems worth one’s pains….

Fashion poems are new

As something to do,

And the challenge takes working brains!

I’d say it is channeling energy,

Most of which has left me….

Shapes and sizes

And stylish surmises,

Still need a bard’s entrée.

“An eye for the women.” one said,

Focusing on their clothes instead..

“Clothes make the man”

And women, and can

Leave little more to be said!

YET–a poet describes,

Details that emanate vibes…

Along a track

That likes feedback,

Both positive and wise!

–Jonathan Caswell





Had me a sister never,

Except brother’s wife–whatever…

In community

Some happen to be,

Behavior has found a new lever!

Not going to name names,

But logic demands same games…

Ignoring can be

Great utility,

Dampening overt things toward dames.

What lack of family chops,

One’s friends are good short stops…

Behavioral coppers

Encouraging proper

Attitudes toward safety valves popped.

Some comments better not said,

Women’s power to a man retread…

To realign ways

Of hunger for praise,

Until the unacceptable is dead.

Wives do this too,

Some better at follow through…

Friends desired

Put antes higher,

Will do what they must do!

–Jonathan Caswell



“THREE WEST” is the name of a psychiatric patient locked-down ward recently visited by the author–who needed it at the time!  . Written on whatever paper was handy until a composition book arrived, provided by one of the Counselors–but all—with shorty “golf”-sized pencil!     .  it is a poetic expression of the experience.


His doctor knew he was depressed,

She didn’t know how deep…

Til he admitted being pressed

To permanently sleep!

Three hospitals later–all that day–

They up and locked him away…

Slept in a hall

Near the door installed,

Was glad to get away!

He bed was found further out,

(The first available shout)…

A lock-down ward

Where he could be bard,

Working his problems out.

Flurries of forms,

Rigid rule storms…

Belt and shoes

Confiscation blues,

So the Director warns…!

–Jonathan Caswell

First friends made that day:

Elizabeth, JoHann, Renee…


To name a few,

Some people to talk with…hooray!

–Jonathan Caswell