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(As part of the problem)

Tool of the devil may be,

But much of the evil’s from me…

Promises broken

E’en by a token,

From motives done selfishly.

Got back on Ebay

And spent in other ways…

Bank’s in a hole–

Sin takes a toll–

Leaving him in a haze.

With God’s help worked through

And out of his boiling hot stew…

Enough to see


Depends on sin confessed, too!

–Jonathan Caswell



(clearly…a hypothetical situation!¬† ūüėĬ† )

Ever have one of those days

When she emits death rays…

No way escape–

Caught by the nape–

When irritation stays.

I would NEVER* complain,

But she acts insane…

She points to me

For insanity,

There’s plenty, plenty of blame!

Lost in ethereal mist,

She¬†hands me a¬†shopping list…

In my shirt sleeves,

Her action peeves,

But we make sure we’ve hugged and kissed.

She got ready to go,

Where are we going, “don’t know…”

No time to spare,

Take it ALL there–

“Why don’t you some good sense grow!”

Trying to put it ON ME,

Her uncertainty…

What did I do–

Not follow through–

It’s our common propensity!

She does the wash and I write,

Cooling down instead of fight…

I’ll do shopping

While she’s basket-hopping,

We should turn out all right.

–Jonathan Caswell

* NEVER…seriously??????