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An armory broken into,

That’s just down the street (YOO-HOO!!!?)…

Security’s tightened

The big boss seems frightened

Of a neighboring mosque, too!!!

No more blogging for me,

Alertness he wanted to see…

I hope in-betwixt

One camera’s fixed

The main gate will be easier to see.

By the time we close the gate

It might be way too late…

We don’t have clear views

Of that gate to use,

Which could affect the Company’s fate.

–Jonathan Caswell



(MATTHEW 8:8)*

A story about Yom Kippur**

The truth of which I’ve been assured…

Under their prayer shawls

Men confess it all,

Out loud–purification ensured!

Prayer shawls are their secret places

Mrs. Wesley put her apron o’er her  face as…+

Her closet of prayer,

Herr covering over hair

Alone with God faces-to-faces.

Confess then repent of your sin,

And God will gladly step in…

Make you His child,,

Tame your wild

Nature and He’ll live within.

Confessing one’s sins is terrific,

But only if very specific…

General terms

God’s answer won’t earn,

Confession by mouth is intrinsic!***

That synagogue at Yom Kippur,

Shouted their sins to be sure…

Not one escaped

But was caught by its nape

And covered by God’s love secure!

–Jonathan Caswell

Scriptures used in the preparation of this poem include:

* Also see…Numbers 15: 37-41; Deuteronomy 22: 12; Romans 10: 9-10; Acts 8: 22; Isaiah 55: 6-7; and  Psalm 32: 5.

** Yom Kippur…the holiest time in the Jewish faith, where one confesses and repents of sin and is purified for the coming year.

*** Confession by mouth…Romans 10: 9-10; Acts 8: 22.

+ Mrs. Wesley refers to the mother of John and Charles Wesley….from John Wesley’s biography.



Listening to music stations,

A medium for imaginations…

Imagined feelings

From guitar squealings,

In various concentrations.

How can  poetry do that?

With no notes to play it falls flat…

One needs education

For elucidation

Of all the information  we chat.

Yet…poets by word combination

CAN…invoke imagination…

Emotions as well,

Tend to swell

When stirred by anticipation.

But mediums different see

Different ways to move me…

Each have their own

Seeds to be sown,

’tis foolish for so much envy!

–Jonathan Caswell



He’s afraid someone will fuss,

Attracted to the lower end of “plus…”

Semi-wide hips

Bring smiles to his lips,

Too much fat and he’s gone on the bus!

He bought into

A certain beauty school…

Breast size doesn’t matter

As long as they are no fatter,

He hates when he is fooled.

Unfortunately for him

Most women want thinner than him…

I’m sure he’s nice

But most don’t look twice,

His dating prospects were grim.

–Jonathan Caswell



American Locomotive COmpany,

Their products are alright by me…

Smaller ALCOs you spot,

For me, I’ve a lot,

Of each model at least two or three!

N scale doesn’t take up much room,

But neither can you hear the “VAROOM!”…

I recently found

N scale can have sound,

In an RS-1 soon, I’d assume!

-My Road Switcher ones, teos and threes,*

Will all be afixed with “KA-DEE’s”…**

Easy switching of freight,

A prototype trait,

Running it anywhere one may please!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Road Switcher….”R,S, -1,2,3″

**”KA-DEE”‘s….Now Mircotrains…offshoot of the same company, producing workable knuckle couplers that look more like the real train couplers than other brands.



(No relation to that movie about Seattle)

I’m sleepless in old Worcester,

I’ll take a triple expresso on a coaster…

Working straight out

I have no doubt,

By Saturday night I’ll need a booster!

Fourteen days straight, helping to cover

For my working buddy, grieving his Mother…

Can someone find quick

Sympathy cards in Arabic,

I wouldn’t do that for any other.

Want to attend  church but may just sleep

Considering the hours I’ll keep…

His weekend days are double shifts,

Only one of which is my gift,

The other day, our boss will keep.

–Jonathan Caswell



Regaining some balance is he,

But not quite effortlessly…

He walks, we found,

With his cane off the ground

But it’s there for stability!

He does the long hallway at work

But stops sometimes with a jerk…

Easily tires,

And perspires,

His feet occasionally hurt.

He’s slowly gaining ground,

Surgeon says he has to slim down…

To heal  a good measure

Needs to decrease the pressure

On the foot to make it sound.

–Jonathan Caswell