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A mythical griffin is true

To its nature blue…

Made of rock–

Sturdy stock=–

It never  no never boo-hoos!

Unlike the “comedienne,

Who’s turned herself into “victim”…

Self responsibility

Is unconscionably,

Denied by her or him!

Now a lawyer she seeks,

Someone else must pay her lost “ekes”

She did the act–

No one “made her”, in fact–

Most of us see through her pitiful squeaks!

It’s time for this child to grow up,

As one wag said–MAN UP!…

You’ve gone too far

With behavior bizarre,

With morals you’ve proven corrupt.

(An opinion post! )

-Jonathan Caswell


His friends know that he does,

For things that “was”…

Esther Ling

Was the real thing,

Committed to her cause.

Opposite from me,

But blogged in sincerity…

Her rainbow flag

A part of her bag,

We were able to be friendly.

Visits back and forth,

Of a poetic sort…

Her chosen art great

Poetry mates,

In two languages by choice!

I’ll miss her Shabbat posts,

For her father’s attending ghost…

Few others can

Replace the man

Who loved her and was close.

Esther, come back to us,

If it’s not too much fuss….

“Hortus closus”

One supposes,

Will be honored for its  human thrust!

–Jonathan Caswell

Featured image is one from her blog,



(An opinion piece)

For all the children eaten,

For all His people beaten…

At least they’ll see


Away from life so fleeting.

Those who sit by,

Should hear the tortured cry…

Of a god and his raiders,

Hateful invaders,

Who make victims want to die!

“Progressives” who don’t care a whit,

Yawn saying “get on with it”…

So we can win

Not looking at sin,

“That doesn’t bother us one bit.”

They call themselves upright,

But that won’t wash tonight…

Jesus weeps

While a ruler keeps

His vacation schedule tight.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece—of the Poet and those who truly care for others—photo ops. not withstanding!)



(An economic opinion)

Raising the Minimum wage?

The “Progressive’s” constant rage…

You will not progress

Because of largess,

The Liberals have you caged!

Do you want to do this for life?

Letting those in power knife…

Your improvement

Of yourself–that went–

You’re being kept down for their strife!

Why is a President proud,

Of increased violent crowds?

While he plays

Golf most days,

Partying often and loud?

It’s because he basks in power,

Liberal prospects tower…

Deceive you they will

And send you the bill,

And if you question–glower!

I really wish I could side

On the other political divide…

But conservatives too

Want goodies from you,

Watching their vowed principles slide!

Opportunities are out there,

Be real–stop beating the air–

Striving break free

Of given slavery,

If you won’t save yourself—who really cares?

Lucky to get a full-time, TAKE IT,

Work really hard to make it…

Caught at the bottom

Prospects are rotten,

Your human dignity–RETAKE IT!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)

<3 JOANNE <3

❤    JOANNE    ❤

Putting it very succinctly,

Joanne in our eyes is distinctly…

A treasure to see

While we happily,

Visit her office meekly.

In fashion that’s the best,

In professional confidence rests…

Her cheery manner

With not a complainer,

Or any of which we’ll attest!

Blessed by her children dear,

We’re blessed by her presence here…

Those of us taken,

Loyalties unshaken

Would make our affection of her clear!

We hope this Valentine will do,

We sure do appreciate you…!

–Jonathan Caswell



 When he didn’t get what he wanted,

He had not the hobby he flaunted..

His nerves did a trick

Biting nails to the quick,

That wasn’t what he really wanted!

–Jonathan Caswell



Roe vs, Wade this year,

With nary a mention or tear…

Pagan presses

Ignoring messes

That they, in part, steered.

Only folks who care

Assert forgiveness is near…

Abortions done

Still have One

Who cleanses the inner fear.

When Christ comes in the air

Taking us home, also there…

Aborted souls waiting

And anticipating

Forgiving that fatal tear.*

Healing comes to within

Acknowledging confessing sin…

Take advantage of

Redeeming Love,

Don’t let the uncaring man win.

–Jonathan Caswell

* the fatal tear(-ing away of life)…forgiveness of the momma who aborted her child, BY THE CHILD SO ABORTED, is an idea expressed by this week’s TV broadcasts of THE GOSPEL TRUTH program with Andrew Womack–which included an interview with a woman who was the survivor of an attempted abortion by her mother.  See



Counting down to the moment

Of ultimate ecstasy foment…

We stay awake

For children’s’ sake,

Bearing with credit card torment.

Meaning slips year by year,

The older ways are more clear…

Yearly reminders

No commercial blinders,

Repetitious–but our conscience clears.

Come now to Bethlehem,

Marvel at the Babe again…

For joy running deep

While the Child’s sleep

Calms us to thank God for Him.

–Jonathan Caswell



Temperature jumps,

“Cold season” drips and sneezes…

Economic boosts!

Thanksgiving over,

Turkey soup with lots of fat…

Should have known better!

Black Friday turned week,

Jingle makers sing their songs…

Santa’s tandom sleigh!

Sun shines on our tree,

Ads run for all charities…

God’s Gift…is coming!

–Jonathan Caswell



Bilateral symmetries,

Typical to our species…

Imperfections spoil

Despite our toil,

Finding supplements that please.

Eager gentian root suitors

Tend to grow their own hooters

Like some meds.

That may turn heads

Prompting derisive hooters!

–Jonathan Caswell