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NONE LIKE YOU…by Carl Gooch

None Like You

O Lord, I will proclaim your steadfast love;

You are the measure none can rise above.

My lips will sing sweet praises of salvation;

Your name will be honored for all generations.

Your steadfast love fills the heavens forever;

Your faithfulness has failed us never.

With your blood you made a holy covenant;

And I by oath, vow to be your devoted servant.

My family, through out all the generations,

Shall sing praises to the Lord of all nations.

I will let all the earth know of your deeds;

Like a farmer, I’ll be about planting the seeds.

You are faithful in private and in the street;

Your word is a loving promise, true and sweet.

In all heaven and earth there is none like you;

You prove day after day that your love is true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 August 2015

THE MAN I USED TO BE…by Carl Gooch

7:50 AM (9 hours ago)

The Man I Used to be

No, I’m not perfect,
I’ve never claimed to be.
It’s just a man forgiven,
That you now see.

And I praise God above,
I’m not the man I used to be.
I am no more bound to sin;
My Lord has set me free.

It wasn’t all that long ago,
I was too blind to see.
Stumbling and fumbling,
As lost as I could be.

Yes, I praise God above,
I’m not the man I used to be.
I am no more bound to sin;
My Lord has set me free.

It doesn’t really matter,
What I’ve done you see.
What it is that really counts,
Is what He has done for me.

My Lord has set me free;
He gave a new life to me.
He was nailed to a tree,
To pay the price for me.

So I praise the Lord above,
I’m not the man I used to be.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 July 2015



The current line of Christian thought

Among those who really care…

Is that the title “Christian”

Should be left away out there!

It was first coined in Antioch,

A derisive term at best…

So how come believers

Let pagans draw the family crest?

I know, I know–Emperor Constantine–

A pagan uncircumcised…

Saw a cross in the sky, won a great victory

And forced all to be baptised.

He, himself, would not confess

The faith til his very end…

His mother went to the Holy Land

Finding holy sites for pilgrim vend,

Terms are mixed and washed-out

Just like with Constantine..

You say “Christian” now-a-days

And we don’t really know what you mean.

It’s rather like the fashion of a cross,

That’s become a matter of style…

All those pendants,earrings, pins

Would make a Constantine smile.

Christians now are anybody

Who wants to put the label on….

The whole idea of serving obedience

Is spread out…not acted upon!

Servant of God and Christ’s disciple

Is whom I am in the Lord…

Serving Him means I shan’t stifle

God’s Holy Spirit and the Living Word.

I’ll keep using “Christian”

Out of respect for the ones who know…

That it is not a swear word

But a badge of honor when you go.

–Jonathan Caswell

A TIME AND PLACE…by Carl Gooch

A Time and Place

To whom does He speak?
To whom does He give warning?
Behold their ears are unopened,
His words they do not heed.

They set and mock His word.
They find no wisdom in it.
So when He returns again,
They will be found lacking.

I look and see the time coming,
I cry out with dry and empty breath.
My soul is filled with wrath,
I grow weary speaking to the dead.

The time is near, His people cheer,
As the lost run trembling in fear.
Be wise in spirit and give an ear,
Do not reject His holy words you hear.

He went to prepare a place for you;
Have you prepared a place for Him?
His people know His love is true,
Now He offers that love to you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 July 2015

JOY AND PRAISE….by Carl Gooch

Joy and Praise

With praise let our hearts be bound,
No finer treasure can be found.
His love shines like a rare jewel,
Let us sing a song of renewal.

Sing His praises before all men,
In heart filled worship glorify Him.
To you friends speak of His deeds,
Tell your family how He fills every need.

To your neighbor and all who will hear,
Tell them there is no more reason to fear.
Let the little children call upon His name,
May His love and mercy always be our aim.

Let our hearts overflow with His love;
And may our lives reflect God above.
Sing sweet a new song of joy and praise;
And may we walk close to Him all of our days.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 July 2015


In Praise Now Sings

My heart rejoices in the Lord;
my spirit is lifted up in the Lord.
My mouth scorns the evil nation,
because I rejoice in your salvation.

There is none as holy as the Lord;
My salvation is only in the Lord.
He is my refuge and my fortress,
I run to Him in times of distress.

My deeds are considered by the Lord;
Knowledge has been grant by the Lord.
Let my proud and arrogant heart be stilled,
And with the love of Christ let me be filled.

I pray, guard our footsteps O Lord;
May we forever be true to our Lord.
I am overcome by your many blessings;
My heart and soul in praise now sings.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 July 2015

ARMS OF LOVE….by Carl Gooch

Arms of Love

Let me tell you of a friend of mine,
He watches over me all the time.
Yes, I’m blessed by God above;
Cause I’m living in the arms of love.

Every time I can tell His story,
I see a glimpse of His glory.
Before I even came to be,
My Lord was thinking of me.

Blest with His wondrous love,
His love is like a warm soft glove.
Resting in His arms safe and secure;
I know He promises are pure.

Yes, I’m blessed by God above;
Cause I’m living in the arms of love.
He paid the price to set me free;
So there is no other God for me.
Yes, I’m blessed by God above;
Cause I’m living in the arms of love.

Resting in His arms
Safe from all harms
I’m blessed by God above;
I’m living in the arms of love.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 June 2015

YOU AND ME….by Carl Gooch

You and Me

O Lord, I will glorify you,
For you have lifted me;
From pit of my despair,
You came to rescued me.

In pain I cried out to you,
And your mercy healed me.
You saved me from the grave,
And gave new life to me.

In worship I will praise you,
Singing for you set me free.
Proclaiming your holy name,
For you mean everything to me.

My comfort comes from you,
It is your love that sustains me.
When I was weeping in the night,
You came and my fears did flee.

When in doubt I cry out to you,
And in love you show mercy.
Through trials and struggles,
Your promises have never failed me.

You alone are the Lord;
You alone are worthy of praise.
Glory be to God on High.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 June 2015



This young fellow took a journey,

Figuring out what he was earning…

To see sights

And city lights,

The hole in his pocket burning.

He got too close to the flame,

His money ran out to sustain

His party life

But it wiped

Him out totally when drained.

They called him the Prodigal son,

He wasn’t the only one…

His bro. miss-clued

With the wrong attitude,

Unwilling to see the son.

–Jonathan Caswell



He’s winding down the great escapade,

Setting accounts as he goes…

Making plans to get with the program

Recovering , kept on his toes.

Packages come in and then will stop,

His shopping skills are the best…

Stopped wasting money on mamon and food,

With God’s help give it a rest!

Already reappointing funds

Unto the good Lord’s work…

Making commitments that raise up His name

And our devotions won’t shirk.

–Jonathan Caswell