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Oh Soul, why do you fear?

The Lord, your Savior is near…

Encouraging with

His word you shall live,

What the Spirit says through His Bible…do you hear?

–Jonathan Caswell



We give our Maker praise

For all sorts of cloud and haze…

He wraps Himself proud

With myriad dark cloud,

We call Him the Ancient of Days!

All that with breath rejoice,

God  made Man His CHOICE…

Of being able

To choose God’s table,

Or favor and love to lose.

God wants with you to walk.

And not folk who just talk the talk…

Will you agree

His child to be,

Or for eternity balk?

–Jonathan Caswell



(With a nod to Pat Benatar_!)

“All’s fair in love and war,”

But not for human soals…

Like it or not there’s a battle on

‘Tween spirit being patrols.

I used to not want to fight,

It seemed a dfreary mess…

But fight is a part of life–

A war for conquest!

Ywo forces battle for your soul,

The choice is always yours…

Unless we get too deep in one

To want those rescue cures.

For fish, animals, insects and such

It’s simple: be eaten or survive…

For us  things get more complicated–

Chosing each day we’re alive.

We each find our favorite gods

Which can be more than one…

Idolitry, a common trerm

For desires hind’ring our run.

MY LOrd Jesus Christ,

God’s only begotten Son…

With His Father and the Spirit==

A Holy Three-in-One…!

Many say that defies logic

To have “three-in-One”…

They agrily flee from this,

Going on with their fun.

Others take aim to destroy

Historical evidence there….

They claim to not bellieve–

Then why not leave it there?

Even demons, Scripture says

Believe and yet shudder…

Yet they refuse to repent,

Being after you and your mother.

All great religions religions stand

Against a relationship with a Man…

Some claim God is worshjpped—

Within the confines of “What I can.”

Unlimited power, submitted,

To many sound dim-witted…

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Takes the foolish to shame the uncommitted!

Why SHOULD God as man make sense,

Are we really that dense?

That God in Heaven plays only our tune,

The One who designed us, the stars and the moom…

The beetles trees and fish

And birds in the sky,

He calls us a “little lower than angels”–

And I can tell you why.

He loves His own creation—

Everything you see…

And a lot that we can’t,


For us He created folks who could choose,

Even the angels did this…

From learning to walk in a Garden

To a teenager’s first kiss.

He gave us the whole world to manage,

Yet we want to “be gods”…

Manipulate the species’ lives,

Ignoring all the odds,

God’s love–agape’

Is greated than all our needs…

Higher and fulfilling

Than human lust and greed.

We are ourselves and yet we ar

Potentially much more…

Will you decide to let Him in

By openming your heart’s door?

–Jonathan Caswell