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Praise to you, God Most High,

For hearing prayer on the fly…

And your delight

Being quiet in your Sight,

Bringing us into your Light.

You would talk with us,

Yet we put up the fuss…

Ne’er slowing down

Nor coming around,

In ways that are not just!

Walking with your children in gardens,

Seeing our eyes at Thee widen…

drying our tears

and calming our fears,

Joy at mutual abiding!

We don’t model for kids,

the closeness and joy you give…

But stay away–

Asking others pray–

Misunderstanding God’s writ.

Pray for me, said like Simon,*

The sorcerer on his own ladder climbing…

Unwilling to claim

Given to him in God’s name,

What Christ, without his help, did buy for him!

–Jonathan Caswell

  •  Simon the Sorcerer…see  The Book of the Acts of the Apostles (or  simply…”ACTS”)  8:9-24.


Martin Luther King Junior,

Was of a Godly humor…

In love he fought

That Christians ought

To walk by the Bible not rumor!

Willing to face,

Human kind’s racial disgrace…

Christian “saints”

Who said other “paints”

Were not of the human race!

Battled until he died

for his Lord crucified…

Hate didn’t win

when it killed him,

God’s love will never subside!

How many would lay down their life,

For Lord , for justice and wife?

He followed through

As I do too,

Who does all for the Lord gains new life!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Ephesians 1: 1-6; 15-23)

Open my eyes, oh Lord Most High,

That I see and comprehend…

All the Spirit  found in Thy Word–

The Wisdom that has no end.

Brothers and sisters praying for me,

Uplifting me through prayer…

That I may see and practice–

Avoiding demonic snare!

Shepherd and under-shepherd both,

Ply Christ Jesus’ troth,

His Body–His Bride–

The Church might abide

In the mind of Christ with growth.

Strengthen then your resolve,

To ask Spirit’s help to see…

All God’s wonder, power and mercy

And with the same, treating me!

If forceful men and women

Can hoodwink the American news crowd…

And not challenged for their deception,

We humble ourselves–not Proud.

If they can’t see through veiling,

How then can we…

Except humble asking for wisdom

From our Father God in eternity?

If only…the Christians would rise up–

If only they believed for sure…

That Christ, God’s Son, gave us Power

In His Spirit to do and endure!

–Jonathan Caswell



The current line of Christian thought

Among those who really care…

Is that the title “Christian”

Should be left away out there!

It was first coined in Antioch,

A derisive term at best…

So how come believers

Let pagans draw the family crest?

I know, I know–Emperor Constantine–

A pagan uncircumcised…

Saw a cross in the sky, won a great victory

And forced all to be baptised.

He, himself, would not confess

The faith til his very end…

His mother went to the Holy Land

Finding holy sites for pilgrim vend,

Terms are mixed and washed-out

Just like with Constantine..

You say “Christian” now-a-days

And we don’t really know what you mean.

It’s rather like the fashion of a cross,

That’s become a matter of style…

All those pendants,earrings, pins

Would make a Constantine smile.

Christians now are anybody

Who wants to put the label on….

The whole idea of serving obedience

Is spread out…not acted upon!

Servant of God and Christ’s disciple

Is whom I am in the Lord…

Serving Him means I shan’t stifle

God’s Holy Spirit and the Living Word.

I’ll keep using “Christian”

Out of respect for the ones who know…

That it is not a swear word

But a badge of honor when you go.

–Jonathan Caswell