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While he lay down for a nap,

She readied her surprise….

When he woke and entered the kitchen

He barely believed his eyes!

She’d hoed out the bottom

Cabinets of all their stuff…

Plastic, pots and bowls saved

It all looked more than enough.

She had him finish hoeing things out

And running the dust mop within….

She sat down for a moment’s rest

Before checking their chicken.

She’d roasted a chicken stuffed with apples

And bacon  on top for their lunch….

He put potatoes in to bake

And she said he’d helped a whole bunch!

He served her chicken and potato

And sliced peaches on the side…

Then he had to get ready for work

But left a big smile for his bride!

–Jonathan Caswell



Some of us hooked on stories,

Little movies with certain glories…

Formerly blind

We renew the mind

Concentrating on other glories.

Reading Romans is a good start,

In any case, get away from that “art”…

Even to see

A train DVD,

Is sufficient to redirect smart.

the formula’s nearly the same

For any movie of shame…

A way-simple plot

The main attractions quickly got,

With flexible positions sustained.

YES…he’s addicted I fear,

Ransomed by his Lord so dear…

Yet day-to-day

He must learn ways,

To keep his intentions in the clear!

Anything to give him a rest,

Although he knows the Bible is best…

Still, he has to strive

To divert from a swan dive,

Back into the mud that he’s confessed.

–Jonathan Caswell