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All fall short of the glory of God,

But people think it odd

That Jesus chose to die

And they wonder why?

Most think they are good enough,

Or work it out to call God’s bluff…

Thinking God is JUST LIKE THEM…

Just a human.

How can God explain

What is worlds beyond what we contain…

An infinite Mind…

That is kind.

The Heavenly Father planned

Reconnecting with mortal Man…

Living in one of us

To show God’s mercy thus.

Our God chose developing

Gradually to do His thing…

Lessons learned:

Salvation isn’t earned!

But a big part of the story,

We don’t understand “HOLY”…

Totally without any sin,

Who then has none within?

Only one, human logic thinks odd,

A Man—who is God…

Holiness in flesh,

The One time it will mesh!

He first came for Hebrews,

As the Holy One bringing good news…

Then Gentiles…

On they too, god smiles!

For every gift there is cost:

For a moment Christ was tossed…

His Father wouldn’t look on sin…

Which for us, Jesus became.

Crucifixion, suffering, death…

He chose that on our behalf,

That whoever will believe in Him

And what He did…is cleansed of sin.

There always is a choice for us,

That’s why all this fuss

Over a Man who chose to die–

Resurrected bye-and-bye!

Choose Him and be blessed,

There’s no time for delay and jest…

He did it all for you—

Clothed in Him, you’ll be made holy, too!

–Jonathan Caswell