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Mention the woman’s name “Holly”

And folks think about Christmas jolly…


While a snow drift calls,

In a Christmas culturally “poly”.

She wanted to go away,

Then decided to stay…

Our Holly found

Without her around,

A lot of folks felt dismay!

Her writing’s a treasure trove

Fashioned in creative love…

Greeting each guest

She does the best,

And really has nothing to prove!

Last of all–to put up with me–

Requires  to the Nth degree…

Kindness unbounded

From a guy who’s hounded

His share toward insanity!

Love her romancing her–no–

But I love the rest of her so…

If I was available

She’d be assailable,

Why a guy hasn’t–I don’t know.

I fervently wish she can–

If she wants–to find a good man…

Whatever she needs

With my Father I plead,

That she may not leave us again.

Some day, of course, many will,

When blogging won’t pay bills…

Or another medium

Makes better comedians,

Then will our blog go still.

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  ILLUSTRATIONS are from Holly’s blog, House of Heart.

The blogging beauty !



(To all the Lady bloggers who change format, leave Word Press or don’t come around anymore…after I’ve grown to love, admire and need them!)

(With sorrowful cries to  one in particular!)

Another woman draws apart,

Taking a portion of heart…

I know it’s not fair

To keep her here,

But her leaving does smart!

I’m hardly more than sideshow

Of the hundreds of people to know…

My growing attached

Suddenly despatched,

Leaves this blog host feeling low

I hold no right to any,

But tied in friendship to many…

As much as is

For a poet like me,

Who longs for sisters and Mammy!

So go off–you’ll be fine.

I’ll get off this jag of mine…

People collecting

We should be rejecting,

But for losing you, I pine.

–Jonathan Caswell



The problem was both had hurts,

Committed by trousers and skirts…

Commitment to trust

Gathered rust,

Both thought the other curt.

Walls and grudges build

Despite commitments to yield…

Many a marriage

Is disparaged,

By combat in the field.

Obvious one doesn’t understand,

The other’s health demands…

One bends over,

The other takes over

And pushes one into badlands.

The verbose one wonders why

The silent one won’t try

to open

As they’re hoping,

To fill them in bye-and-bye.

The silent one’s thoughts run sarcastic,

The other one listens to drastic…

And half the time

Is not so inclined,

They both fall into that basket!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Adult Topic)

Become impotent

His fading manhood laments…

But what is inside?


Little feeling left,

No place left to vent the ache…

Must thinking change, too?


Engorgement all gone,

Being faithful accepts lack…

No one left to love.


How to love without?

Can a man still be a man”’

His woman knows that!


Appreciates form,

Less likely liquid lusting…

Why keep the old ways?


Is safer this way…

For all women that he sees,

Much less threatening!


Power lust remains,

That…no non-phallic can cure…

Bad apples near tree.

–Jonathan Caswell



He could not really resist,


He’d hit ground

Before this round,

With funds that didn’t exist!.

He has his regular pay,

Extra moneys have flown away…

He’s going to plea

For poverty,

Though in faith the bid was made.

He’s hoping the other bidder

Is not in financial winter…

If the Seller decides

To set HIS aside,

Declaring the other the winner!

Sent messages–his fault–

Hasn’t had any answer–result…

He’s fearing that

There’s no escape flat,

Being caught in a final halt!.

–Jonathan Caswell



Today my first return session

Since my toes were lopped off (I should mention)

The lady assigned

And I will do fine,

No danger of romantic connection!

I had to give my background,

Childhood and why we’re around…

Here for duration

Of our situation,

And where I expect sessions be bound.

She brought out my issues of anger,

Lethargy and languor…

Not taking care

Of myself or facial hair,

(But no recent suicidal anger).

All kinds of papers came first,

In a lot of potential legality immersed…

Initial and sign

Certain rights outlined,

All content was well-versed.

After my session was through,

Itr’ll be not one week but two…

Next Friday the Fourth

Of July, thus forth,

That Friday is off—Red, White and Blue!!

–Jonathan Caswell



Bloggers at their discretions

Try to explain depressions…

Not daring

Full airing

An audience won’t stand its mention!

Being one and the same,

Chronically depressed by fame…

I am daring

Symptom airing,

In hopes of healing to claim.

At times I’l sit and stew,

I know just what to do…

Mental blocks

Compete with clocks

Wasting time I could use.

Making love talk he’ll avoid,

Why bother when that’s been destroyed?…

Romantic scenes

On TV he leaves,

Not willing to stay and enjoy.

He tends to dig in his heals

At any of her appeals….

For shop or going out,

He’s always tired and lays about,

Stuck in his lethargy fears.

He’l do whatever she’ll say,

They don’t discuss it anyway…

Seems all a drag

To fill shopping bags

And fid a happy day.

He tried to keep things, now sits,

He gave up fighting and quits…

He lets it all pile

For a long while,

Let the bossy ones take care of it!

Old habits have returned,

Extra money secretly burned…

On stuff like E-bay

Frittering away

Any good from that muney earned.

Again he’ll get back in line,

Away from enjoyable times…

Bitterness remains

He suffers pains

Of she and him both—all the time!

He’s been years this way,

Begrudgingly returns to stay…

Fantasy affairs–

Spending away cares–

Drudgery keep driving him away.

He and his wife rarely talk,

Ideal communication’s hit a balk…

Every dawn

Brave faces go on,

The chinks in their armor need caulk.

They both keep on going by faith,

She wants him to make her feel safe…

They’ll both try

to do or die,

They love each other despite chafe.

–Jonathan Caswell