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(An opinion piece)

For all the children eaten,

For all His people beaten…

At least they’ll see


Away from life so fleeting.

Those who sit by,

Should hear the tortured cry…

Of a god and his raiders,

Hateful invaders,

Who make victims want to die!

“Progressives” who don’t care a whit,

Yawn saying “get on with it”…

So we can win

Not looking at sin,

“That doesn’t bother us one bit.”

They call themselves upright,

But that won’t wash tonight…

Jesus weeps

While a ruler keeps

His vacation schedule tight.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece—of the Poet and those who truly care for others—photo ops. not withstanding!)



He envies those parents with,

Children to whom they give…

All of themselves,

Like building shelves

For accumulated rewards as they live.

He wishes he spent the money becoming fertile

And been quicker than a big old turtle…

To envy sinners**

Acting like wind spinners

Won’t guaranteed clearing that hurdle!

As she and he grow older,

Desire for children  smolders…

But their health needs

Put off certain deeds,

Some forms forgotten in folders.

Changing one’s life might mean

Not meeting and loving the seen…

Gratitude for what is,

The occasional fizz

Of regret cannot redeem.

They are happy for those who do

And appreciate all they’ve gone through…

Raising up kids

Who use their heads

And don’t get lost in brew.

For the childless, they hold inside

Desires that may yet abide…

Nieces and nephews

They’ll never refuse,

But visits are often put aside

–Jonathan Caswell

** envying sinners…see Proverbs 23:16-18…”and your hope won’t be cut off…”


The Poet is “letting things fly,” so to speak.Some couples cannot afford to adopt…while others may not have the emotional capacity to provide foster care.All the children aborted or put out onto the street by those who CAN HAVE CHILDREN…cuts the heart of those proven to be not able.  For this older couple portrayed here–it is too late.  Yet God does the impossible—giving hope even to the childless!  Praise God…for that!!!!