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King Solomon collected wives,

Honey pots to place in hives,

Hundreds of queens

And concubines lean,

Enough for several lives!

Different is  the man and his blog,

He’d like lots of women to log…

Pictures in files

All bring smiles,

The perfect opportune “hog”.

When his files fill up,

His method involves a stop…


Deleting you see,

Every female picture that comes up.

Unlike Solomon’s bag

(This guy doesn’t want to brag)…

His observation:

Avoid temptation

So marriage won’t hit a snag.

Of course he enjoys at the time,

Each beauty that he finds…

Unlike the king

The righteousness thing,

He follows in life and rhyme!

–Jonathan Caswell


SATAN’S THREAT….by Carl Gooch

Satan’s Threat

Look, O Lord, and see our disgrace;

See what we’ve become in this vile place.

We’ve given away the riches you gave,

Because of our sins we now face the grave.

We are like children without a home;

We’re lost in the dark, doomed to roam.

We have been blinded by the evil lies,

In your mercy please hear our cries.

Lord, the evil we see we did produce;

For our selfish deeds we’ve no excuse.

You have revealed to us our many sins,

We plead now, in your mercy, forgive them.

Our Lord heard our pleas and granted mercy.

His suffering and death has set us free.

He is our sacrifice, He has paid the debt.

And in Him we live free from Satan’s threat.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 July 2015