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The past weeks have been doozies,

All sorts of challenges faced…

The latest this morning happened

A moterized chair switch replaced?

It seems we have no money,

We blew it all yesterday….

Celebrating with dinner—

Scroounging up cash to pay.!

The life insurance withdrawals

Caught us again by surprise…

Both our debit cards were refused,

Having cash worth the waitress’ advice.

How one faces trouble,

Thrown at you or made by yourself,

The Lord Most High renews your mind

In His word with it’s wisdom wealth.

To Him be all the honor

And to the Lord sing praise…

For He, Himself will guide us

By Word and Spirit all our days!

–Jonathan Caswell

I ABIDE….by Carl Gooch

I Abide

I’ve never seen the good Lord’s face;
But on Calvary He took my place.
So now there is no question for me,
One fine day His face I will see.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
(In His love I abide.)
From me His love He does not hide,
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

Since the day I heard my Master’s call,
In my life He has been my all and all.
This is now just some game I play;
I know that I’ll meet my Savior one day.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
(In His love I abide.)
From me His love He does not hide,
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

On the day He placed His Spirit in me,
I knew in Him I would always be free.
He came and dried every tear I cried;
Now with my loving Lord I will abide.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 September 2015

MAY LIVE….by Carl Gooch

May Live

O Lord, let us see

With believes eyes,

That we may discern

The truth from lies.

Grant us strength

In our daily faith,

That we may endure

Our day in this place.

Keep our focus on you

On you mercy and love;

Turning from this world

And toward our home above.

Let us be mindful of

The blessing you give,

And all that you gave

So with you we may live.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 18 August 2015

PRAY WITH ME…by Carl Gooch

Pray With Me

I view this sinful world

With contempt and distain.

Then I look in the mirror,

And see the one to blame.

I’m driven to my knees,

Calling on Jesus’ name.

Selfishness and greed,

Fills our world today.

There’s violence and hate,

In the words we say.

Open our hearts dear Lord,

Show us a better way.

Our innocent children

Know only pain and abuse.

Their hurt and anger grows

And in their hearts evil brews.

And we see in the mirror,

Pointing fingers, which accuse.

Famine and wars all around

This is what has come to be.

As more of the world turns away,

The more violence we will see.

What can be done, what can we do?

Come dear brothers and pray with me.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 July 2015




So says the Hymnal Methodist,

Big words but this is the gist…

Confess and repent–

Be not content

Until the Son is kissed!

Church says at least once yearly,

The Bible says daily–more often clearly–

Be reconciled

Whenever defiled,

If possible—do it early!

Some emotional are,

Others barely jarred…

Do we say “bewail”

And all that entails

EACH TIME we take things too far?

Ritual for ritual’s sake,

Repetition brings temptation to fake…

Made to repent

One will resent,

In tthe heart, repentance won’t take!

How do maturer disciples

Get through these frequent cycles…

Expressed emotion

Faked as devotion,

The process taken as trifles?

I am no master-mind here,

Perhaps my experience clears…

Questions of sense

With God’s grace immense,

The mystery revealed for years.

I know when I’ve done,

Delibrately against God’s Son…

Acknowledged inside

Recognised  pride,

My Sin against the Holy One.

His grace and mercy I plea

As well as my eternal need…

For all His grace

To see His face,

When from this world we are freed.

Words are cheap without action

So I do what I must for traction…

Forgiving self

Is my wide gulf,

Must do it to God’s satisfaction..

So acknowledge, repent, find release,

In time failure’s sadness will ease…

Can hardly forget

But next time be set

With precautions with which God is pleased.

–Jonathan Caswell