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The problem was both had hurts,

Committed by trousers and skirts…

Commitment to trust

Gathered rust,

Both thought the other curt.

Walls and grudges build

Despite commitments to yield…

Many a marriage

Is disparaged,

By combat in the field.

Obvious one doesn’t understand,

The other’s health demands…

One bends over,

The other takes over

And pushes one into badlands.

The verbose one wonders why

The silent one won’t try

to open

As they’re hoping,

To fill them in bye-and-bye.

The silent one’s thoughts run sarcastic,

The other one listens to drastic…

And half the time

Is not so inclined,

They both fall into that basket!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Adult Topic)

Become impotent

His fading manhood laments…

But what is inside?


Little feeling left,

No place left to vent the ache…

Must thinking change, too?


Engorgement all gone,

Being faithful accepts lack…

No one left to love.


How to love without?

Can a man still be a man”’

His woman knows that!


Appreciates form,

Less likely liquid lusting…

Why keep the old ways?


Is safer this way…

For all women that he sees,

Much less threatening!


Power lust remains,

That…no non-phallic can cure…

Bad apples near tree.

–Jonathan Caswell


When Troubles come

O Lord, it’s in your strength I rejoice,

And in your salvation that I’m blessed.

You have answered my hearts desire,

Your ears have heard my soul’s request.

Precious treasures you have given me;

You have wrapped me in a cloak of love.

I cried out from deaths door and you came,

Grace answered with mercy from above.

O Lord, splendor and majesty you bestow;

In your salvation your mighty glory shines.

You have smiled on me, and I am blessed,

It is upon your holy word this child dines.

My old heart now jumps with in me,

I dance like a young boy giddy and light.

I shall not be moved, I trust the Lord,

His love guards me through the night.

I will sing praises of your love and power;

My heart rejoices and my soul is at peace.

In times of great trial, when troubles come,

I’ll rest assured that your love will never cease.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 August 2015