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My model layout wanders it seems

Away from cherished themes…

What for you

Says “New England” too,

Beyond operational schemes?


MOXIE, barns red,

SPAGS and stores

With “colonial” decors,

Monuments to Revolutionary dead?

Dairies and granite quarries

In earlier days held stories…

Ice cream and views

Along the Turnpike count too,

And whaling ship stories!

Broad “a’s” in speech,

A Kennedy’s reach…

Where Plymouth Rock stays

And Sturbridge Village ways

Are preserved to history teach!

So for my small train set,

What industries are best…

Beverages and rock salt

Metals, food stuffs sought,

And historic touristy nests?

Gravel still travels by train,

Lumber and minerals same…

Environmental ire

Has dampened coal fired

Power plants, but garbage still flames!

A water-powered mill

And museum of trains fit the bill…

For small excursions

Of rich incursions into filling the local till!

Do you think I’ll have enough room,

I figure some things will die soon…

New England gives

And takes to live,

But survival cannot be assumed!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Each individual three-line haiku is considered a poem on its own,

despite perhaps being related to a common theme.–J.E.C.)

(Additionally, haiku may or may not include punctuation—traditional haiku generally do not  have it –J.E.C.)

Presidents’ Day off

Waving away package trucks

Skeleton crew on

American loss,

Long weekends not historic…

Blurred history lost!

High snow banks turn brown

Road salt stains on pavement grey

Waiting for snow days

Plow trucks stand idle

Except for salting road ice

No more overtime?

Winter buds wonder

Is it time to grow and sprout?

Freeze burnt other years…!

Swans in ponds feeding

Youngsters finally on their own

Mommas drove them off

Easter candy sales

Set up before the fourteenth

Valentines half off

–Jonathan Caswell



Colors start to pop,

Trees shut down their leaves’ supply…

Green leaves turn colors:

Morphology is working

Just the same in ev’ry year!


People come from far

And near…”peeping” foliage…

Brighter is better:

Bus loads come en mass to shop.

Local business harvests crops!


A final push all

Benefit from folderol…

Festivals light skies:

Candied apples and brown bread

Folks ready for winter dead.


Railroad excursions,

Northeast woodland incursions…

Train cars filled with joy:

Steam or diesel pull the trains,

Nostalgic commerce makes gains!

–Jonathan Caswell




I bought a model railroad car

For the memoriy

Of a New York shortline

Meaningful to me…

And then I found out that

The one shipper it had

Produced a herbicide that was

Found environmentally bad!

I bought an N scale

“Stauffer Chemical” railroad car,

But am afraid to run it

Don’t want to start a war..,.

N scale protesters are as fierce

As the full-sized ones I’ve heard,

I wouldn’t want my model folk

To say those nasty words!

No wonder in the seventies

That railroad went away,

For environmental damages

Someone should always pay…

If they served a dirty coal mine

They might still have a prayer,

‘Cause the latest in smoke scrubbers

Might just have saved the air!

Oh, the Skaneateles Shortline

Was a favorite railroad,

Down to one last shipper

Their existance was owed…

But that shipper produced herbicide

Found emvironmentally bad,

The only reminder I could buy

May get scale people mad!

I may just reletter the car

To use it for flyash,

Proper use of recycling

No scale people can bash…

Or maybe it will sit it out

In lonely display,

Or it’ll run to an incinerator

To burn the stuff away.

–Jonathan Caswell