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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  He’s not trying to grandstand—just admit to his guilt of certain motives and conduct and ask forgiveness of those he has wronged–whether or not they feel they were.  It is a part of his Christian belief…being reconciled to God and the ones he has wronged asking forgiveness of both.  There is a Bible basis to all this, which the author believes by faith to be the transcribed word of God to be followed and obeyed.  Especially when he doesn’t!  Questions/Comments are always welcome.

Writer of poetry,

The “fashion” got away from me…

Chasing skirts

Many women hurts,

Of this I am guilty!

Sought “readers” unsuccessfully,

The hidden motive–to see…

What interested

Where saints shouldn’t tread

And pester them endlessly!

The many unreturned visits,

Prove out how wrong is it…

I know my sin

Repenting therein,

Stop this practice is the solution exquisite!

I will  stillreach out,

In subjects not ruled out…

Walk in the flesh

Heavily risks death,

Gotta pull some hot irons out!

The upshot–some I’ll follow–

The rest–if they visit tomorrow…

I’ll respond graciously

But not the pest–not me–

I’ve sinned–I repent in sorrow!

My actions toward those of whom I’ve spoken,

From now on–contact is broken…

This I must do

So they’ll feel safe too,

No need of me in their business poking.

–Jonathan Caswell




The guy who recently “lost it”,

Whose manhood is not a threat…

Still has a brain that functions–

He hasn’t  lost  all of it yet!

He likes the luscious looking,

Faves he has in fact…

Commenting he won’t be brooking

But is less likely to act.

His compliments of people

He keeps closer to the chest…

Experience in business climates

He does what is best.

–Jonathan Caswell



Eyes went right to her sweater,

Her bosom couldn’t look better…

A brief heart stab

But he didn’t blab,

Returning greetings to the letter!

Her smile was just the same,

Her seated observer she named…

He greeted her

As an Officer,

Playing his part of the game.

I don’t think she minded his viewing,

As long as there was no construing…

Of emotional claim

Or voicing of same,

Be careful in all he was doing!

–Jonathan Caswell